The Best Cookie in the Whole World

We see these headlines all the time, "The Best," "The Greatest," blah, blah, blah. But are they really all that and a bag of chips?

The truth is, it's a personal statement.

I believe the Snickerdoodle cookie is the best in the whole world.

The reason why I love them so much is because of all the wonderful memories they created over the years.

My Grandma loved to bake, and she especially loved to make cookies for her grandkids. There were four grandkids on my Mom's side of the family, and we each had a favorite cookie.

My cousin Ty and Megan loved Gram's chocolate chip cookies, Sissy loved her molasses cookies, and me, I loved Grandma's Special Snickerdoodle cookie recipe (you can try them here).



Just imagine, for every holiday or special event, if we all were together, you would likely also find those three cookie recipes.

Grandma also made the best apple crisp in the whole world (but you don't have to take my word for it; you can try it here.)

Happy Memories:

My mind is wandering back to all the food conversations I would have with Gram. We loved talking about food and what recipes we made that week.

Not too long ago, I found an envelope from my Grandma and Grandpa. My Grandpa handwrote several recipes for me.

I'm thankful to have the recipes, and I make Gram's Snickerdoodles and Apple Crisp, but it's not the same as when Gram made them for me.

There will always be one missing ingredient: Love.

When I make the recipes today, I'm always flooded with happy memories, which is also why I had to write a book about the best cookie in the world.

In 2019, I created a steamy romantic comedy series called Man Card. The series consists of 16 short stories, and several of the books share recipes created by the characters.

Each book shares a silly play on how the guy does something that could make him lose his man card. It was amusing to add that scene to each book. If, for some reason, I missed adding the scene, my editor caught it immediately. She told me she looked forward to finding out how the guy lost his man card for each book.

Book fourteen, Her Snickerdoodle, is about Noah, the chef who makes amazing Snickerdoodles, and Morgan, the woman who finds his Snickerdoodle cookies simply irresistible.

Her Snickerdoodle (Man Card Book 14) available on

Here is a little sneak peek of their story:

      "I missed the last thing you were telling me."

      "Oh, about the instructors competing?"

      "Um, instructors."

      "Yeah, do you remember Morgan Gray?" He stepped up beside the woman with the braid. "She needs the emergency partner."

      Crap. It is her. The Morgan Gray.

      We didn't work well together. What we did do well together was compete against each other.

      Right at the moment I honestly thought about backing out, Morgan turned around. "Hey–" Then she stopped and I watched her glance over at Chef. "Are you serious?"

      Chef looked at us both. "What? You were in the same class. Plus, Noah competes yearly. I thought, "he would be the perfect replacement."

      "Perfect." I mumbled.

      Chef chuckled and walked around me. "Come on, you both are professionals. You can handle a cookie competition together, right?"

Hmmmmm….I wonder if they can handle working together.

Snickerdoodle Rugelach Cookies with Cranberry Orange Pecan Filling available on

Spoiler Alert: Noah and Morgan's Winning Recipe– Snickerdoodle Rugelach with Cranberry Orange Pecan Filling.

Their story is a holiday edition, so the food competition included a holiday-themed recipe.

While writing the story, a rugelach recipe was discussed. Then, when I finished the book, I ran to the kitchen to test the idea.

Bringing together the Rugelach and the Snickerdoodle ingredients added another layer of flavor with each bite. The food fusion works and creates even more buttery happiness.

I have a funny feeling my Grammy would've loved this recipe. She did adore cranberries just as much as I do, and well, it includes Snickerdoodle happiness.

Whenever I open the book Her Snickerdoodle (Man Card Book Fourteen), I smile because I think about Snickerdoodle cookies, which then makes me think about my Grandma.

There is something special about a recipe and the memories they can create.

Do you agree that Snickerdoodles are the best cookie in the whole world? (If you don't, what cookie would you say is the best?)

Find Your Happy Merch

It's fair to say, I found my happy today with this post.

Have you found your happy today?


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