About Terra

Terra loves to snuggle with her cat, enjoy some time in her garden, and relax with her hubby. A steamy romance book is never far from her grasp, and 1:00 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot to put a book down and finally sleep. She smiles often, is a bit of a klutz, and warning, she laughs way too loudly.

Long before the dream that sparked her writing journey, she created recipes from scratch. She runs a food blog, worked as a pastry chef for a short period, and has a bachelor's in nutritional science.

She believes in being authentically you and living through your passions.

For Terra, she shares her passions through words and recipes. You'll find so many food conversations in all her books. 

Terra went from being told she was not a good writer to creating recipes, writing romance, and now has 30+ books published. There's always a reason not to write the book, but warning, your story ideas will still be determined to be told.

She's thankful every day for the dream that sparked her career, and she's incredibly grateful for her husband, who said the five words, "I want to know more."

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