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Terra Kelly

Man Card Series Books 13 thru 16

Man Card Series Books 13 thru 16

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It’s time for more laughing!

The man card series is a collection of romantic comedy short stories that are full of steamy romance. You're guaranteed that perfect happy ending and a cupboard full of sweets from all the cravings.

My Gingerbread Man Book Thirteen:

I shouldn’t be in the same room with him. We shouldn’t be allowed to talk. Then he said my name and my body reacted.

I want him, all of him…

…the only problem is, he’s my ex-boyfriend’s twin brother.

I have to help him win a holiday baking competition and after all these years I want more than just first place. I want to finally win his heart.

Her Snickerdoodle Book Fourteen:

I’m an award-winning baker and a co-owner of two popular restaurants with my twin brother.

I’ve been told I’m balanced and focused when it comes to my work. That was all true until the day she completely blindsided me. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next…

Morgan was always my competition during culinary school. We both strived to be number one in everything.

Now we have to win a competition… as a team.

This should be an easy win though… and I’m not talking about the baking contest…

My Sugar Cookie Book Fifteen:

Thanks to my sister, I was now a contestant on a special Holiday Baking Competition.

Oh, and it was definitely going to be special...

The first day on the set and everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Thankfully, Millie one of the other contestants on the show was not only a baker...she’s also a hot firefighter...

Mr. Spice Cake Book Sixteen:

My name is Noel Winters.

I was born on Christmas Day.

AND I just met a stunning woman named Holly Frost.

Is this for real?

There’s only one minor problem...

…she’s not a fan of the holiday season, hates decorations, and avoids listening to Christmas music.

Maybe a baking competition, one homemade yule log cake, and an extra dash of spice will change her mind.

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