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Terra Kelly

Unbroken (Fight It Out Book Two)

Unbroken (Fight It Out Book Two)

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The very people you’re taught to trust are the people you’re now running from in this intense romantic suspense.

My father controlled me, dictating my every move.

He almost made me believe I was weak. Almost.

So I left. Being in control of my own life was safer.

Then I met him.

Brooks Moore is a champion MMA fighter and the one man determined to train me to be indestructible.

I never planned to fall for him.

I didn’t think I was ready to trust another man, until the day he started to knock down my perfectly placed walls. 

Then my father reappeared determined to break me.

To survive I must let go of my past.

Unbroken is the second book in the Fight It Out series–you’ll get a strong female lead, mixed martial arts, suspense, and inspiration to make a new recipe.

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