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Terra Kelly

The Winters Family Series Box Set Books 1 thru 4

The Winters Family Series Box Set Books 1 thru 4

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A loving contemporary romance series that includes 21 recipes made by the characters.

Hard To Resist (Book One)

Maybe it’s time for a change.

Drew Winters is a sexy firefighter in his small-town. 

Lately, he’s been feeling like his life is on repeat. Nothing exciting happens, it’s the same routine every day. Get up, go on a morning run, and then head off to the firehouse.

Until one day something… no, more like someone shakes up his normal routine.

Isabel “Izzy” knows how to show the camera that perfect smile, but it’s a different story when it comes to real-life.

She’s ready for a change of scenery and that involves the cutest cottage by the beach.

One chance meeting and Drew will find Izzy hard to resist; all thanks to the no clothes rule in her house.

They’ll experience instant attraction, forever romance, and you’ll never look at a grilled cheese sandwich the same way again.

Find My Heart (Book Two)

Two hearts are better than one.

Alex Winters is a chef who loves to create delicious recipes… until the day he’s fired from his job.

Now he has to make a choice that could change more than just his life.

Alyssa is a single mom who experienced tragedy and doesn’t know how to let go of her past.

When she moves to a small-town, she’ll experience something she hasn’t felt in years.

This second chance romance will simmer over a pot of barbecue sauce.

It will bring you dancing, laughing, living room forts, and mac n’cheese pizza.

Loving Only You (Book Three)

They never gave up on what they really wanted.

Joshua Winters is a mathematician by day and a hot mixologist by night.

He knows how to keep everyone else happy with his perfectly mixed cocktail. When it comes to his happiness, though, that ended when she left years before.

Kenzie moved more times than she could count while growing up. She avoided relationships and built a perfectly placed wall around her heart. 

Until she meets him… again.

This second chance romance will bring you an irresistible taco cook-off and one boozified banana split cake you don’t want to miss.

Dance Into Love (Book Four)

Dust off those dancing shoes.

Danny is a sexy firefighter and has one thing on his mind… a stunning redhead. 

He’s spent the last two years trying to get her attention and he’s almost ready to give up.

Until he finds out she needs a dance partner…

Shawna has run away from everything in her life, even him.

Now they’ll come face-to-face on the dance floor. Her first instinct is to run… but she secretly wants to jump into his arms.

Their past may be the one thing that brings them together… and no-bake booze berry cheesecake.

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