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Terra Kelly

Protected (Fight It Out Book Four)

Protected (Fight It Out Book Four)

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When you discover the life you dreamed about was all a lie in this emotional and intense romantic suspense.

The man I married became a monster.

I was too afraid to run, but more afraid to stay.

Then I met Malik, a retired MMA championship fighter with mesmerizing hazel eyes.

He rescued me. Kept me safe and hidden away from the life I knew.

I didn’t think I could ever feel again. I’d forgotten how to love. 

Then Malik showed me what life could be like without fear consuming me.

As each day passes, I realize we’re both in danger until we can rid our lives of the monster for good.

Maybe I should’ve stayed, but I want to survive.

Protected is the fourth book in the Fight It Out series–you’ll get a strong female lead, mixed martial arts, suspense, and inspiration to make a new recipe.

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