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Terra Kelly

Fight It Out Box Set Books 1 thru 4

Fight It Out Box Set Books 1 thru 4

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Binge-read the first four books in the gripping romantic suspense series.

Survive (Book One):

It’s not just about winning the championship title in this gritty romantic suspense.

My father made sure my life was built on lies.

Everything about my past was created to protect me. I just don’t know why.

Former fighter, Julian Moore, used to grace my TV one too many times, and I secretly had posters of him on my walls.

Now, he may be the only one I can trust and he’s vowed to stand by my side no matter what. I want to believe him.

My father’s secrets brought Julian and me together–a secret that I have yet to uncover.

I was never given control of my past, but now it’s time to take control of my future.

Unbroken (Book Two):

The very people you’re taught to trust are the people you’re now running from in this intense romantic suspense.

My father controlled me, dictating my every move.

He almost made me believe I was weak. Almost.

So I left. Being in control of my own life was safer.

Then I met him.

Brooks Moore is a champion MMA fighter and the one man determined to train me to be indestructible.

I never planned to fall for him.

I didn’t think I was ready to trust another man, until the day he started to knock down my perfectly placed walls.

Then my father reappeared determined to break me.

To survive I must let go of my past.

Temptation (Book Three):

It’s a race against time in this emotional and gritty romantic suspense.

The man I’m trying to avoid might be the only one who can help me.

Tyler Moore is broody, mysterious, and a complete asshole.

Then one night he shares all his secrets and I finally see who he really is. I want him…all of him.

But I never thought I’d get entangled in his life with another man.

Tyler and Stephen want to claim me, and I plan to let them.

I wasn’t prepared for what two men had to offer, but they satisfy me like no-one else can.

As we find our new normal, danger lurks in the shadows.

When Stephen suddenly disappears, Tyler and I will stop at nothing to find his kidnapper.

Temptation brought us together, but will fate take it all away?

Protected (Book Four):

When you discover the life you dreamed about was all a lie in this emotional and intense romantic suspense.

The man I married became a monster.

I was too afraid to run, but more afraid to stay.

Then I met Malik, a retired MMA championship fighter with mesmerizing hazel eyes.

He rescued me. Kept me safe and hidden away from the life I knew.

I didn’t think I could ever feel again. I’d forgotten how to love. Then Malik showed me what life could be like without fear consuming me.

As each day passes, I realize we’re both in danger until we can rid our lives of the monster for good.

Maybe I should’ve stayed, but I want to survive.

In the Fight It Out series you’ll get a strong female lead, mixed martial arts, suspense, and inspiration to make a new recipe.

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