Spicy Ginger Chicken Soup Available in Guard My Heart Romance Book

Working his magic with an irresistible recipe.

It’s fall, which means it’s time for soup. There is something wonderful about homemade soup on a cool day. Even better, compliment the soup recipe with a crusty loaf of bread. Perfection.

Do you have a favorite soup recipe you love to make?

For me: I get excited to make grilled cheese and roasted tomato soup. Dip the sandwich into the bowl and enjoy—pure happiness.

Spicy Ginger Chicken Soup Recipe by Author Terra Kelly

This weekend, the South is finally getting a reprieve from the crazy high temperatures we had all summer. My mind always thinks about soup when the weather drops below 80. Okay, kidding (only slightly), when the weather drops down to 70, then it’s time for warm, cozy soup.

After living in Tucson, Arizona for fifteen years, anything below 80 degrees calls for a celebration. Thankfully, here in the Carolinas, we can get even lower temperatures.



I started thinking about a recipe to kick off the cool temperatures; then, I opened one of my books, and I knew which dish would make everyone happy.

The recipe of the week is inspired by Jackson from Guard My Heart (Crystal Shores Book Two), a firefighter with a reputation for being called a player.

Anika, the owner of Knead A Little Love Bread Bakery, finally meets the sexy firefighter, but she’s not interested after hearing all the rumors that spread like wildfire in the small town.

He may need to work a little magic and change her mind with a pipping hot bowl of soup.

Find Out More About Guard My Heart Book Two Here

Jackson tested the chicken soup recipe on Anika when she felt under the weather. 

For the firefighter, homemade is always the right choice and the perfect way to a woman’s heart. Well, not just any woman, one specific woman.

Even better, on their first date, he actually left work early, so he had enough time to make pasta. Yes, homemade pasta on their first date.

If the man is a player, I guess an argument could be made he’s an amazing cook for all those women. It’s possible that there’s more to that nickname; maybe there is a story behind the rumor surrounding his personal life.

Homemade Spicy Ginger Chicken Soup blog by Author Terra Kelly

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Right now, I’m more curious about the soup recipe.

Grab the recipe in the back of Guard My Heart Book Two here.

When I wrote the recipe into the book, I immediately had an idea for all the ingredients. I wanted the soup to be hearty, spicy, and include bacon.

A couple of things happened with the recipe when creating it:

  • I knew Jackson wanted to impress Anika with hearty chicken soup that felt a little fancy compared to the simple chicken soup we all know and love.
  • When writing the book, I ate less than 20 grams of carbs a day, so I wanted to offer a low-carb noodle option (I don’t anymore, so I guess it’s a good thing I offered options).
  • The goal of the recipe was to help Anika feel better; she had been sick for several days. The ginger was added for flavor and because she was under the weather.

For me, soup recipes don’t need to be complicated. Simple, quick, and delicious is what makes the soup so irresistible.

Any recipe my characters create can be adjusted to your palette; that’s the beauty of recipes.

Happy Cooking!

You can start reading the first three chapters in the first book in the Crystal Shores series here.

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