Apple Hand Pies and Apple Galette (a simple apple pie)

It's an apple palooza in the Terra Kelly house, and by apple palooza I really mean, I made way too many apple desserts.

There was a bag of apples that needed to be eaten and so, here we are.

You the reader asked for an apple hand pie recipe, then I stepped it up a notch and thought, let's make an apple galette (which is a super simple apple pie).

That's not all, though. I still had more apples and so with the rest of the apples I made my Grandma's Homemade Apple Crisp (it's so freaking good).

Let's grab a hand pie and enjoy the recipe and book inspiration together.

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“What’s that?” Milo from Defend My Heart (Crystal Shores Book Three) pointed to the basket of apples in Angie’s arms.

She looked down and then gave him a quizzical look. “Um, a bushel of apples.” She sat the basket on the ground and put her hands on her hips. “Isn’t that something my sexy farmer should already know?”

He stepped closer and tickled her side. “You think you’re so cute, don’t you?” She put her finger and thumb just a quarter inch apart and giggled as he tickled her some more and wrapped his arms around her waist. “What do you plan to do with all those apples?”

“Since we have an overabundance of them this year, I’ve been thinking about making a few recipes.” Angie placed the palm of her hands on his chest and slid them up to lace her fingers behind his neck. “Then I remembered those apple hand pies we discussed not too long ago.”

“Oh, I like where this is heading.” He leaned in and kissed her. “What about an apple galette, too?”

She stepped back and picked the basket of apples up. “Look at you with all the fancy names.”

“Well, it’s that or make me an apple pie.” You could tell he was holding in a laugh as he shrugged his shoulders and started to walk away.

“Make you, huh.” She smiled and turned in the opposite direction. “How about this, I’ll surprise ya?”

“You know I love surprises.”

Apple Hand Pies and Apple Galette recipe on


It's no secret that apple recipes are probably one of my most favorite desserts to make. That basically means, my characters in my books will probably talk about desserts that include apples frequently.

For Milo and Angie in Defend My Heart (Crystal Shores Book Three) it just made sense to have them chat about apple pies since he owns a farm. There are actually a lot of apple trees on the farm and some years they have an overabundance of apples. Angie loves thinking about new ways to use up the delicious apples.

The hand pies are pretty simple and can easily be tailored to you. If you use a knife to form a shape or cut squares for the pies, perfect. If you decide to use cookie cutters, that's wonderful, too.

I did add about how many hand pies you may get with your recipe, but honestly, it's hard to know. It all depends on what you decide to use to form your pie. In the end, just have fun and enjoy the process.

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It's funny, I planned to make only hand pies for this post, but then I realized it would be fun to share two options. You can make the pies and everyone can enjoy their very own treat. Or, you could throw together with all the same ingredients a super simple apple galette (also known as an apple pie).

Personally, I love making galette's because you can use any fruit or you can make them savory, and they are so freaking easy to assemble. 

For both the hand pies and galette, it's important to stir up the apple mixture and then make sure you do have some liquid with the apples when you add to the dough. The trick is, you don't want too much liquid because it could make the bottom of the pie or galette soggy. There's this fine line but just use your best judgement. Adding some liquid with the apples gives the pies and galette another depth of flavor that is really wonderful.

Disclaimer: the recipe looks long but it's honestly not hard to make. Oh, and it's okay to just buy store bought pie dough already to go. You'll just need to mix up the apples which would be really easy.

Have fun with the recipe and make it your own! 

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Apple Hand Pies and Apple Galette recipe on

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