Why I Now Write Serials?

First, if you’re new to a serial story, let’s discuss what it is.

A serial story is an ongoing narrative published in smaller installments every day, week, or sometimes monthly.

Let’s put that last sentence in my voice–

A serial story is a short burst of romance that you can read every week. That also means you don’t have to wait 4-6 months (sometimes longer) for the next book to be released. Instead, you can read a new chapter every week.

The other bonus to a serial story–

You get new chapters all the time, and you get to interact with the author. Plus, when you share your thoughts in the author's note at the end of the chapter, your thoughts could change the story's trajectory.

Yes, some people want a book, and that’s it. They want to read it and then move on to the next one. 

Reading a book makes me happy, too! I get it.

Why I Now Write Serials? blog on terrakelly.com


It is June 2024 when I am writing this blog. In November, it will be ten years since I started publishing.

The first book I published, Hard To Resist (The Winters Family Book One), still has my heart today. Isabel will always be my favorite character.

It’s fun to look back at where the journey started. 

I was once told I was not a good writer. So, I love looking at my writing then and now. I feel proud of all that I have accomplished.

I’ve loved writing all my books. When I say, “I’ve published 40 books,” it still doesn’t feel real. 

That also means I have five book series. Three of the series are finished. 

I never saw an ending with two of the series, Crystal Shores and Fight It Out. Both worlds can be expanded in several ways, making them so much fun.

Why I Now Write Serials? blog on terrakelly.com

Here’s why I’m writing serial stories now–

After ten years of publishing, my life has changed dramatically.

It used to feel easy to plan out a book and sit down to write for hours. 

I’ll never forget how I wrote Protected (Fight It Out Book Four) in 22 days. Oh, and I didn’t write nonstop for those 22 days. I wrote 4-8 hours daily and worked to get a good word count. Basically, I still had a life while also being super focused.

Today, when I think about writing a book, I seem to shut down. I immediately think about other things to do and avoid the book completely.

In my defense, I have more things to focus on today than ten years ago. Plus, my menopausal brain has made everything different. The last two years have been all about my mental health. Yes, mental health and menopause are connected.

Right now, writing a full book is not something I can do. 

Writing short bursts of love, now that I can do and want to do. 

I get excited to write because it doesn’t feel like pressure anymore.


I remember learning about serials way back when. I attempted to write a serial with Light My Heart (Crystal Shores Book One). When it was in serial form, it was called Eddie. I released a new chapter via email every week.

Technically, I have been against serials. 

I wrote the book for the serial I shared above and then released each chapter. So, I didn’t write a serial because I had written the book.

In my head, I didn’t think I could write a serial. I thought I could only write a full book. 

The truth is, I never really understood how a serial story worked.

I’ve been writing more for the last few months, but it's easier and more fun, and I get excited to sit down and create.

When I write, short stories or fun ideas pop into my mind. Oh, and I only write a few days of the week.

Writing the short bursts of romance made me think, what if I could write serials?

The cool part is that I started a Terra Kelly Subscription on Ream last year. I share that because it’s also the perfect place to share serial stories.

So, I did some research, asked some questions, and considered what would be best for me and what would make me happy.

That’s how I learned that I don’t need to write a full book to share a serial. In fact, it’s better to write each chapter close to the release date because the audience could alter some of the plot.

That’s another confession…

In my mind, I should be the only one writing the story. 

The truth is, it is so fun asking you, the reader, for input. It reduces my stress, and I love having you involved in the process.

Why I Now Write Serials? blog on terrakelly.com

What’s next?

Well, let’s write some serials.

After some time spent learning more about serials, I figured out how to convert my series to serial format.

Yes, you can read three books in the Crystal Shores world. The rest of the stories will be written in serial form, then compiled and put into book form.

You can also read four books in the Fight It Out world. Like above, the next stories will be in serial format.

I also have two other serial ideas.

Our Serial Schedule–

You get a new chapter for Season One: Cherish My Heart (Crystal Shores World) every Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. EST. You can start reading Holland and Jake’s story here.

Coming soon– 

Kac and Anora from Fight It Out will finally have their story told. You’ll get a new chapter every other Thursday at 12:00 pm EST.

No Rules Required is a serial I created because I wanted to start a new story and get help from the readers with names, places, etc. A new chapter will be released every other Thursday at 12:00 p.m. EST.

I also created the Sugar and Spice Holiday serial because I love writing holiday romance stories. This serial will be released randomly, maybe once a month, sometimes more, depending on the time of year.

The new me…

It’s weird that I find it easier to plan a serial story than a full book, but here we are.

My writing will be all about those stories listed above.

And to expand on what’s to come–

For the Crystal Shores world, I see spin-off serials and so many different ideas. For example, in the Man Card series, I have a family of farmers who live in Michigan. Crystal Shores takes place in Michigan. I could easily have a blast writing about my apple farmers in the future. 

So many possibilities!

I shared this blog because I wanted you to know my love for writing romance with recipes has not changed. I just had to make a few adjustments in how I shared the stories, and I needed to feel happy writing again.

If you’re curious about the serials–

You can read the first four chapters for free. Then, for the cost of a cup of coffee, you can read ALL the serials and enjoy a couple of other awesome bonuses. Check it all out here.

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