Strawberry Banana Browned Butter Muffins

Strawberries. Bananas. Browned butter. Perfect.

It’s a simple recipe that is packed full of flavor.

The browned butter provides another level to each bite that makes them irresistible from start to finish.

Are you ready to whip up a batch?

Strawberry Banana Browned Butter Muffin recipe on

"I think it's time for a new version." Shawna from Dance Into Love (The Winters Family Book Four) grabbed a large muffin pan from the cupboard. "Or maybe just swap out an ingredient."

"Are you talking to yourself again?" Danny walked up behind her and slid his hands slowly around her waist.

"Maybe." She bumped her behind against him.

"Be careful; you don't want to start something you can't finish." He tickled her side and rested his chin on her shoulder. "Are you talking about your famous Kitchen Sink muffins?" He knew what she was making from the ingredients on the counter.

"I don't know how famous they are, but yes, those muffins." She placed the palm of her hand on the side of his face and kissed his temple. "What would you say about removing the quinoa and adding browned butter?"

"So, basically, what you're saying is that you want to remove the healthy part of the muffin and add some fat?" Danny quickly kissed her neck before stepping back and resting his hand on the counter's edge.

"Pretty much, yes."

"And you're doubting this decision?"

"Not doubting, just unsure if it will work."

"You're adding butter–"Danny grabbed a couple of small pieces of diced strawberries– "You can't go wrong when you add butter."

"Especially browned butter." Shawna swatted at his hands and grabbed a spatula sitting on the counter. "Okay, done, Strawberry Banana Browned Butter Muffins are happening."

"Can I be your first taste tester?"

"Will you be home tonight?"

Danny's face fell at the thought. "No, I start my nine-day stretch at the firehouse."

Some of her wanted to mess with him and tell him no, but that was impossible when his face looked so sad. "I guess I better make extra." Before she could finish the word extra, Danny had lifted her body off the ground and wrapped her tightly in an embrace. "Hopefully, they taste good."

"They'll taste amazing."

Strawberry Banana Browned Butter Muffins recipe on


In 2017, when Dance Into Love was first released, I shared a muffin recipe that was originally made on my legacy blog. The Strawberry Banana Quinoa Bran Muffins were a hearty recipe and had an element of “healthy” because of the ingredients.

It’s funny, there was a point during my legacy blog days when I put quinoa in everything. There is a cookie recipe I made several times because the ingredients worked. (Maybe I need to make them again…)

When I shared the recipe in Shawna and Danny’s book, I called them Kitchen Sink muffins because they had so many ingredients. Plus, they are athletic, dancers, and always have healthy ingredients in their house. For them, when they make soup or muffins, they grab everything but the kitchen sink.

That also means their recipes are pretty versatile, so have fun making them your own.

This specific recipe was made using a large muffin tin. You can use a mini muffin pan or a standard-size pan. (Or whatever you have available.)

The browned butter is not hard to make but if you have never tried it, I have a video on YouTube to help with the process. Check out the video here.

In the end, what’s not to like about muffins that include strawberries and bananas, right?

The recipe is perfect for a snack, breakfast, or maybe even a dessert. They will keep in a covered container on the counter for a few days, or pop them in the fridge to help them last longer. Enjoy!

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Strawberry Banana Browned Butter Muffin recipe on

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