Spice Cake Swiss Roll with Cranberry Whipped Cream Filling

We have a cake recipe to celebrate the Man Card sixteen book series.

This is not just any cake though. It’s a delicate, beautiful, and oh-so-delicious spice cake.

Spice Cake Swiss Roll recipe on terrakelly.com


“It’s time.” Noel from Mr. Spice Cake (Man Card Book 16) stepped into the living room holding up what looked like a container of ginger and cinnamon.

“Time for what?” I had to squint to be sure that was a container of ginger and cinnamon in his hands. “Wait, really? Already?”

He dropped his hands to his sides and joined me on the couch. “What do you mean, already?” Then he flung the ginger and cinnamon containers onto my lap. “It’s the end of October.”

“Right? So, it’s time for Halloween.” I tossed the containers back to him. “We could make something with pumpkin.”

“It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.” Noel stood and made his way back into the kitchen. “The Christmas movies started playing last week, so technically I’m a week behind.”

“Every year, you tell me it’s time, and every year I try to reason with you that it’s way too early for spice cake.” Holly pulled the barstool out and sat down across from Noel at the kitchen island.

“And every year, you lose that battle and make the spice cake with me.” He placed his elbows on the counter and rested his head into his hands. “Please.” He had officially turned the table on me and was now giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Fine.” I slapped my hand on the counter and hopped up. “Are you sure we have enough eggs?”

“Picked some up on the way home.”

“You thought of everything.” I pulled on his arm to lift him back up to the standing position. Then I wrapped my arms around his waist. “What about the cranberry?”

“Oh shit.” He leaned slightly and opened the freezer.

“Have you been thinking about this cake for weeks or something?” I started to laugh when I saw the four bags of cranberries sitting perfectly in the center of the freezer.

“Maybe.” He closed the freezer door and wrapped his arms around me.

Spice Cake Swiss Roll recipe by terrakelly.com


With this story, the pressure was on to create the perfect recipe for the book. Then Noel mentions making a Yule log for the baking competition and I knew at that moment we needed a Swiss roll recipe in our lives.

It has been years since I attempted to do a Swiss roll recipe. The last time I made a Swiss roll cake was when I was about 15 years old. I had made a pumpkin Swiss roll cake with a special cream cheese filling. The cake turned out and it was hit at the family dinner.

Now, fast-forward SEVERAL years later, I had to remember how to mix up the beautiful cake. After jogging my memory just a bit, while also having a few failed attempts, the pretty cake was finally whipped up.

This cake is honestly not hard to make. The most important thing to remember, do not over-mix the egg whites into the batter.

Have fun creating the one recipe loved by all of Noel’s friends and family. (I know it’s now a favorite in my house.)

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Spice Cake Swiss Roll recipe by terrakelly.com

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