Nutmeg and Orange Sugar Cookies

We have cookies! So many cookies!

Kris in My Sugar Cookie (Man Card Book 15) made us crave the fun dessert when he created them with Millie. Which basically meant we needed our very own recipe.

The recipe is fun to make. Plus, it’s perfect to make with your kids.

Who's ready to make cookies?

Nutmeg and Orange Sugar Cookies blog by author Terra Kelly


“What flavor sugar cookies are you making today?” Millie from My Sugar Cookie (Man Card Book 15) stepped up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

I placed my hand over hers. “Nutmeg and Orange. I had to make a second batch.” The whole nutmeg I had started with was now half gone. “I should probably think about buying ground nutmeg for this recipe.”

“Why would you do that?” She walked around the kitchen island and plopped down on a chair. “Then I wouldn’t get to enjoy your daily workout.”

“Good point.” I lifted my arms and pretended to show off my biceps. “Want to help? I can give you the task of mixing the icing.”

“Oh, nice. Your least favorite task.” She lifted her legs onto the chair beside her and crossed them. “Plus, I’m so comfy and having more fun watching you show off those guns.”

“Right? Because they’re so big.” I laughed as I attempted to flex my biceps while finishing grating the one tablespoon of nutmeg.

“Have you thought about creating another sugar cookie flavor?” She reached over and grabbed a cookie on the cooling rack.

“Do you have a flavor in mind?” I placed a cut-out on a prepared sheet pan.

“Hmmm…that’s a great question. There are so many options.” She broke off a piece of cookie and popped it into her mouth. “What about using the juice from berries, or apple pie spices, oh, wait, pumpkin.”

“I guess, I’m going to be busy for the next few months.”

“And I need to re-up my membership at the gym.”

Nutmeg and Orange Sugar Cookies blog by author Terra Kelly


With all the citrus love from the nutmeg and orange, these cookies scream holiday. What’s even better, they have that refreshing flavor that could be awesome during the summer months. A cookie for any time of the year. What could be better?

Full transparency, I had never made sugar cookies before creating this delicious recipe. My family has always made a special cut-out cookie recipe that includes sour cream and they're much softer.

Y’all, I had a blast making this recipe. It took me a few tries but now they're perfect.

The recipe helped me discover something new about myself. I love decorating cookies (I may not be great at it but I do love it). I think we need to start having cookies more often. I still need to get more fun cut-outs. Like for example, we most definitely need a donut cut-out for My Single Dad (Man Card Book Three)

A Big Note: Frosting the cookies can be a little involved. It all depends on how intense you want to go. I fully committed and it took me almost three hours. The time suck is mixing your icing and finding that perfect color.

Have fun baking up a batch of sugar cookies! 

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Nutmeg and Orange Sugar Cookies blog by author Terra Kelly

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