Loaded Apple Muffins

Let’s end this apple loving season with a bang. These loaded apple muffins will definitely deliver on celebration, taste, and overall happiness with each bite.

Now, if you’re like me, apple season runs year-round, so make sure to keep this recipe handy.

Apples may be my favorite, but now we’re heading into cranberry season, which means delicious recipes full of holiday love are about to go down.

Loaded Apple Muffins Blog by Author Terra Kelly

I’m actually sad finalizing the Appleton Farm Man Card collection. It’s been fun creating a world around something so special to me. I loved sharing a little piece of me with each story.

After five steamy short stores at Appleton Farm, we’re leaving for a bit, but we’ll be back. Next year the new Appleton Farm Series will begin. We have so many more sexy apple farmers to meet.

Special notes: This recipe was supposed to have a crumble top. When I added the crumble top it fell into the batter while baking. That process was a happy accident. The crumble mixture into the batter provided another layer of flavor that made these muffins perfect.

You definitely don’t need to use hard cider for the recipe. You could add apple juice instead. I was channeling Levi from My Apple Farmer (Man Card Book 8) and Jesse from Mr. Apple Pie (Man Card Book 9) when I made the recipe. After they created a fried apple pie hard cider I’ve had a few cravings.

Have fun making the recipe and reading each short story!

Loaded Apple Muffins Blog by Author Terra Kelly

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