Gingerbread Sweet Rolls with Cranberry Compote

This is a special post and it’s the start of something new here. Now that my food blog is out of retirement, it basically means I need to start playing catch up. There are several recipes we need to enjoy from many of the Man Card Series.

We’ll enjoy them soon. I promise. For now, we need to celebrate Man Card Book 13 with Aiden’s special sweet roll recipe that won over Cora’s heart in My Gingerbread Man.

When I started writing the short story, I did what I’ve always done and mentioned a recipe. The difference between this book and the recipe- when I would write gingerbread sweet rolls, I wanted one. Then I realized if I wanted one of those delicious rolls, someone else would want one, too.

Guess what I did? I pulled my special pumpkin sweet roll recipe out of the vault and changed it up. Instead of pumpkin and a few other ingredients, we would enjoy gingerbread additions in each element of the new recipe. It took a full day prepping but y’all, it worked. Look!

Gingerbread Sweet Rolls with Cranberry Compote Blog with Terra Kelly

Cora loved this recipe in the book.

Better yet, my hubby loved the recipe.

Gingerbread Sweet Rolls with Cranberry Compote Blog by Terra Kelly

The sweet rolls will take a little time to make but it’s so worth it. Your family will love them and they’re perfect for the holidays. If you love making bread, then have fun diving in and kneading the heck out of that beautiful dough.

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Gingerbread Sweet Rolls with Cranberry Compote Blog by Terra Kelly

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