Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Donuts

It’s time for donuts!

We all need one, especially when they are slathered in the delicious glaze.

For this recipe, the donuts are baked. It doesn't matter if they're baked or fried, when you add chocolate and peanut butter: you have a winner.

Are you ready to try one...or two?

chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Donuts available on

Zander from My Single Dad (Man Card Book Three) stood beside Nova at the prep table. He leaned over and kissed her temple. “Is that peanut butter I smell?”

“It is, but you can’t have any.” She winked and circled her arms around the ingredients, pretending to shield them from sneaky hands.

“I thought you made me the head taste tester, though?” He left out a huff and tried to sound wounded.

“Well, yes, but not for this recipe.” She straightened to grab a spoon and measuring cup for the peanut butter. “Emma begged me to let her be the first to taste this recipe.”

“Wow.” He stepped behind Nova and wrapped his arms around her waist. “My daughter over me this time, eh?” Zander let out a little whimper and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“Oh, stop.” She turned her head to the side and kissed his cheek. “You’ll survive. I didn’t say you couldn’t have any.”

He tickled her, forcing her to look at him so that he could kiss her. “Tell me, what makes this recipe so special?”

“For the last couple of months, I have had maybe ten people ask if we will offer vegan or gluten-free dessert options.” She pointed at the ingredients. “I consulted with a few friends who are vegan and then had fun creating this recipe.”

“That’s excellent.” He smiled. “I’ve had the same question. I’m excited to try them.” He stopped at the doorway that separated the front of the coffee shop from the prep area and paused for dramatic effect. “Well, I’m excited to try them after my daughter tries them first." 

Nova reached for the closest thing she could find, a small measuring cup, and threw it at him. “Oh, stop. You’ll survive.”

He jumped back, avoiding the object, and pushed the door open. “You know you’re adorable when trying to be angry.” Nova shook her head and waved her hand to tell him to go. “Okay, okay, I’m going.” He blew her a kiss and headed back up front. 

Chocolate Peanut butter Vegan Donuts available on


I made this first recipe not just for us but also for a dear friend who is vegan. We had a lunch date planned and I wanted to share the donuts. It’s more fun when I can share my treats.

Personally, I think Nova would love to sell these at the coffee shop with Zander. They were delicious, a healthier option, and well, no guilt was involved…especially if you decide to eat more than one donut (which is totally okay!).

The donuts are baked, so you can use a pretty donut pan. BUT, don’t feel pressured to run out and buy a pretty new kitchen toy. If you want to use what you already have in the house you could use a muffin pan, or just add to a sheet pan that is covered with a silpat, parchment paper, or cooking spray. The recipe will still work and they’ll still taste amazing.

Remember–There are no rules when it comes to how you eat your donuts.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Donuts available on

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