Brings Back Memories–Banana Bread

There’s something special about making favorite recipes from your childhood. So many memories pop up as you mix the ingredients and take each bite.

It doesn’t matter if the recipe is easy to make or complicated; it’s still special.

Sometimes it’s exciting to mix things up and add new ingredients to your recipe. Those new ingredients won’t change the memories; just give it a new spin on an old family favorite.

Are you ready to bring back some memories with a delicious slice of banana bread?

Brings Back Memories–Banana Bread Recipe on


“Wait, did you make it again?” Isabel (from Hard To Resist, The Winters Family Book One) actually skipped over to the buffet table, she was so excited. “You did.” Then she grabbed a slice of Kenzie’s homemade banana bread.

“I didn’t know you were such a fan?” Kenzie (from Loving Only You, The Winters Family Book Three) giggled and set a plate with butter next to the bread. “I should’ve made extra just for you.”

Isabel’s mouth was still full. “Oh my goodness, if you did, I would love you forever.” She ran to the other side of the table and wrapped her arms around Kenzie’s waist. 

“Well, I hope you love me forever, bread or no bread.” Kenzie kissed the top of her head.

“Of course. I mean, sure. Yeah.” She stepped away to grab a butter knife. “That’s a given.” She shrugged and spread the butter over the remaining piece of bread. “Something’s different.” The look on her face showed confusion.

“I ran out of Greek yogurt, so I added half and half instead.” Kenzie stopped slicing the bread. “Does that look tell me yay or nay?”

“Oh, it’s a yay, but you changed something else, too?” Izzy popped the last piece into her mouth. 

At the same moment, they both said, “Cinnamon.”

“Yes, that’s it.” Izzy was shaking her head up and down.

“It’s still a winner, right?”

“Always number one.”  

Brings Back Memories–Banana Bread on


I made this family favorite when I ran my blog (CafeTerraBlog) years ago. At the time, I was creating recipes using Greek yogurt. It was sort of a challenge for me to use the ingredient. I found it fun to test it in new recipes and old favorites.

My family had one banana bread recipe we all shared and enjoyed together throughout the years. Since I started my blog in 2010, I’ve altered the family recipe several times, once with Greek yogurt and now with milk and cinnamon.

The truth is, even with the changes, the recipe still brings back so many memories.

Hubby and I went back and forth on one thing with the bread recipe…

…was it too dry without the yogurt?

After making it three or four times, it's possible the bread is a wee bit dry without the yogurt. 

There is something awesome about adding the yogurt and how it works with the bread. You could easily use your favorite plain or flavored yogurt.

So many possibilities.

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Brings Back Memories–Banana Bread recipe on

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