To write, or not to write?

To Write, Or Not To Write?-3

Hey there my sweet readers, miss me? I missed you!

It was time to give you an update of what’s been happening over here on the home front. Lots. My husband and I will be starting an online business and our focus has been there completely. So, to write, or not to write? That’s the question that passes through my mind a lot.

So what about my writing? It has been minimal. I miss the feeling of setting myself free and just letting my muse takeover. Yesterday I found some time to let Miss Annie from my future detective series invade my thoughts. What I wrote was so much fun.

The writing will slowly be coming back to normal, well, my new normal. We will be focusing on the two websites, writing, oh, and relaxing somewhere in there. I love my new life so much!!!

What to expect for the rest of the year:

  1. We have a surprise release coming soon, more details to follow in the coming month.
  2. Torn Pieces book two will be available in about two months or so, no exact date set.
  3. Finalize my Christmas novella for The Winters Family Series.

If you follow along closely on my adventure, then you will see big changes that took place for my publishing schedule this year. I still plan to publish that will never change- my mind is too cluttered and needs that purge every once in awhile.

Quick Announcement:

Since two of my books are listed over at Love Kissed Promotions this month for the fun sales and giveaway, I wanted to link them up here!

Since I’m delayed on updating you about the sale, I will leave Catch Me (The Winters Family Series: Book One) and Hannah’s Story: A Second Chance, on sale for only $0.99 for an extra week!

What to read:

I wanted to give two shout-outs to my dear authors I adore.

  1. Sam Destiny just released Call Me Michigan this week, and let me tell you this book is so beautiful! Here’s the link to grab it.
  2. Rhonda James released book one in her new hockey series and guess what, it hit bestseller for sports romance- so proud of her. It looks like a wonderful story, here’s the link to grab it today!

Well, there ya go, all updated and happy happy! Now I’m off to add some words to the computer, I think this mind needs to purge its many thoughts again.



Book Love: Cover Reveal for Author Sam Destiny

Let’s shift a little today, and in the direction of Sam Destiny.

If you just asked who Sam is, well, let’s just say this: a fantastic romance and paranormal author.

Sam has a release coming in June, and I decided it would be fun to share the cover reveal with you all! Her next book is a standalone contemporary romance, Call Me Michigan. I know you all love romance, so be sure to add this to your Goodreads “to-read” list.

Call Me Michigan by Sam Destiny

Synopsis: For the last ten years Taylor Collins hasn’t allowed herself to look back. Now she’s forced to return to a town full of ghosts, a farm she doesn’t want, and a country boy she never forgot. With her life spinning out of control, Taylor has no time for flirting – or love.

Mason Stiles loves his family, his farm, and his job, but he’s still regretting the one that got away. That is, until Taylor arrives back in town. When he sees her again, he realizes that maybe a friend is all she needs.

Sometimes a Stetson and a pair of cowboy boots can fix the world – but is it enough to grant Taylor and Mason a second chance at love?

Since we need more than just that pretty cover, here are a few teasers to entice you!

Call Me Michigan by Sam Destiny

Call Me Michigan by Sam Destiny

Call Me Michigan by Sam Destiny

If you want to catch up on all Sam’s books, check out her website, she has them all listed. PLUS you can then sign up for her newsletter to stay up-to-date on all her upcoming events!

In other news: there are a few updates happening for my publish schedule, in the next blog post I will go over that in more detail. You can also receive secret information that will only be available for newsletter subscribers, on the right side of site you can can subscribe.


May Spring Fling Super Sale and Giveaway!

Every month we will have this awesome opportunity to grab my books for a great sale price with the super sale . This month at Love Kissed Promotions you can grab Falling Deep Into You (Torn Pieces: Book One) and Hannah’s Story: A Second Chance, for only 99 pennies!

Synopsis for Falling Deep Into You: Miles Callahan is lead singer of the band Torn Pieces. He followed in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps, and is a lead cop on the Emergency Task Force in Toronto, Canada. When a drug bust goes wrong and he loses his best friend, life will change. Two weeks later he realizes his marriage is in jeopardy. Miles will start to think about his life, and how he ended up at this point.

Preslie Summers is an ICU nurse at the main hospital in Toronto. Six months ago she broke it off with her boyfriend. She thought he took the break well, but she was very wrong. When Preslie starts to fear for her life, who will help her heal?

Miles and Preslie have experienced the unthinkable. Now, they’ll try to heal together, because two hearts are better than one.

Synopsis for Hannah’s Story: A Second Chance: Looking back one last time at the home that used to hold everything she loved, Hannah Blaine turned back towards the road. Her lucky cowboy boots made impressions in the dirt path with each step. After 15 years with the only man she ever loved, it was time to go back home to Louisville. She hoped heading back to where her life began would help ease the pain from that horrific day. Hannah’s heart was, and always would be, with her husband.

Hollis Ackers could care less about women. Hell, he didn’t care about anyone. When his mother, the only woman he ever loved, died, he became numb inside. Motorcycles became his life, and the Louisville biker group was the perfect stand-in family.

When miss country-girl-in-her-cute-ass-cowboy-boots spills coffee on him it shouldn’t mean a thing. Or will it?

When two people who lost the will to love meet, what will happen? Can new love really heal all the pain?


Not only are my books on sale, there are tons of other books to check out. The sale is only going on this week, so don’t miss out on this killer opportunity!

Psst: I have a surprise in store for you tomorrow, so get ready to be excited!


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