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Will Drew be ready to catch Isabel?
Will Isabel be ready for that happily ever after?

You can find recipes made by the characters in the back of the book.

(Bourbon Lemonade Cocktail, Cherry Limeade Cheesecake, Old Fashioned Cocktail Sweet Rolls, and more ... )

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Who are Drew and Isabel?

Firefighter meets sexy reporter:

Drew is a firefighter, he has lived in Wilmington, NC all his life, is VERY close with his family, and seems to attract self-absorbed women.
Isabel is a news reporter and just recently relocated to Wilmington, NC. She was born and raised in Philly, hardcore Philidelphia Eagles fan, and somehow lost her self-confidence along the way in life.
Isabel finds clothes confining. Drew finds Isabel sexy as hell.
Can they get beyond their chemistry for each other and finally use the "L" word?
It may be insta-romance, but these two play an important role throughout The Winters Family Series.

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