You just woke up from a dream, or you were out walking, and something extraordinary happened…

…a story idea popped into your mind. That one idea continued to evolve, and now you feel excited to write a book.

Let's fast forward to that moment when you scrolled on social media and continued that scroll on a popular book site. While scrolling, you noticed several books with the same story idea as the one you had just thought of earlier.

You're ready to give up. What's the point of writing a book if the idea has already been written?

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Once you wrap your head around the why, it's easier to think about what's next with the story. 

You probably won't experience the feeling of being stuck anymore. Well, you could, but more than likely, your story will feel easier and flow beautifully. So those moments of being stuck won't last for too long, and you'll feel excited to keep writing.

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Everyone has different thoughts; they all think it's the best out there (and most of it is good).

As a consumer, if you don't know something, you hope the advice from those experts will improve your brand, business, or you.

The truth is, not all of the advice is good. Let's talk about why it's essential to choose your advice carefully.

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You have the perfect story idea, and now you're excited to share it with the world.

Then one day, you're scrolling on social media; and you see an ad that catches your eye. 

"How to become a bestselling author."

"Make ten thousand dollars in your first month of publishing."

So now you're more focused on what happens after you publish, and haven't even finished writing the book.

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Are your barriers holding you back?

Let’s discuss that barrier. You know, the one where you have a story idea, but you also don’t think you’re a writer, so what’s the point.

Can I tell you a secret? Anyone can write a story. It’s true.

We all have words that beg to be told sitting inside of us.

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Story ideas pop into our minds at the oddest times for a reason. Something is begging to be told.

You woke up from a dream, or you were out walking your dog, maybe you just baked your favorite cookies, or you needed to hop in the shower… and suddenly you can visualize a scene for your book.

If you’re reading this blog, that means you have a story idea right now, so you technically know how to start.

So why are we stuck on starting?

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Can you see it now?  

Your story could actually change someone's life. Seriously. 

Let go of what you think people will say and do what makes you happy. Create that story inside your soul waiting to be told.

If you're unsure how to start, I've got you.

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