Where should I start? What do I say first?

Have you asked questions like this when the thought of writing a book pops into your mind?

Oh, wait, if these questions are also why you haven’t started the process, keep reading.

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Here’s a question for you- Do you think Jane Austen or Stephen King knew they were writers and would have successful stories?

Let’s take that even deeper- Do you think they liked the first books they wrote?

Okay, so I know that Jane and Stephen both started writing early (Stephen was seven and Jane was twelve). BUT, did they know those beginning stories would lead them to create some of the most popular stories of our time.

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Can you see it now?  

Your story could actually change someone's life. Seriously. 

Let go of what you think people will say and do what makes you happy. Create that story inside your soul waiting to be told.

If you're unsure how to start, I've got you.

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