Sports Romance/Romantic Suspense

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fight it out series book one

I am the daughter of a legend. 

My father, The Punisher, taught me everything I know. 

I have lived and breathed mixed martial arts since the day I started walking. It’s in my blood. 

But when I discover my life was built on lies, it makes my dream of winning a championship belt seem impossible.

My past was created to protect me. I just don’t know why. 

Former fighter Julian Moore used to grace my TV one too many times, and I secretly had posters of him on my walls.

Now, he may be the only one I can trust and he’s vowed to stand by my side no matter what. I want to believe him. 

My father’s secret brought Julian and me together–a secret that I have yet to uncover.

I was never given control of my past, but now it’s time to take control of my future.