Eddie: Crystal Lake Firefighter Romance Serial - Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

~ Eddie ~

Grabbing her hand and leading her toward the bed. I lightly brushed a strand of hair away from her face. “Should I stay fully clothed tonight?” It seemed like an odd question but I knew if I pulled my shirt off we both would be going through another awkward moment.

“Don’t you have pajamas?”

I thought about the best way to say my answer.

Probably because I paused, she quickly said, “Oh, I get it.”

“Get what?”

“You don’t wear pajamas.”

I touched my finger to my nose and pointed at her with my other hand.

“Yeah, clothes may be better for a moment.”

“A moment?” The words slipped out before I had a chance to take them back.

“Well…I mean…”

I pulled her face closer to mine and kissed her before she could continue stammering. Then I adjusted the pillows and laid down. I patted the space next to me as her invitation. “I won’t bite, I promise.”

She climbed up next to me and snuggled into my body. “Thanks, Eddie.”

“For what?”

She reached her hand up and placed it on my cheek. “For being such a gentleman.”

“No other man has been a gentleman to you, Sarah?” The look on her face gave me the answer I was looking for. I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her closer. “I’m so sorry.”

We stayed silent for several minutes before she spoke. Her voice sounded raspy and far away. “I just let myself get mixed up with the wrong people. Too many bad decisions on my part.”

“It still doesn’t excuse how the men treated you. No one should treat a woman poorly.” I pulled her back away from me. “Especially someone so young.” Not that I was that old…but still.

“I think my parents made me believe I was not good enough. I know that’s wrong now.”

“It is one hundred percent wrong. You’re amazing, beautiful, strong, and I love your laugh.” She seemed speechless. Instead, she placed her head on my chest and I pulled her closer to my body.

I knew she was having difficulty sharing anything with me and I didn’t expect her to tell me something that made her feel uncomfortable. The room was quiet. You could hear people in the hallway talking and children fighting. It was like we were in our own little bubble and nothing mattered around us.

I continued to run my hands through her hair. The movement was calming. I let my body relax and my eyes slowly closed. Right before I drifted off to sleep there was a light touch on my shoulder. My eyes flew open, and I jerked back. How was this even possible? My wife was standing at the foot of the bed smiling.

Sarah sat up. “Eddie, are you okay?”

I continued to stare at my dead wife. “Can you see her?”

“Who? Eddie, no one is there.”

Pointing in my wife’s direction. “She’s right there.”

Sarah straddled my legs and placed her hands on either side of my face. “Eddie, she’s not really here. I promise.”

I could still see my wife’s smile just over Sarah’s shoulder. “Then why am I looking right at her?”

Sarah leaned to the side. “Maybe you need to ask here why.”

Could I though? That seemed crazy in my mind, but then again I was sitting here looking at a ghost of my dead wife in our hotel room. It felt odd talking to my wife with Sarah next to me. “Sara,” I said in a whisper.

The figure didn’t move. She continued smiling and nodded.

“Are you really here?”

She winked.

“How am I supposed to move on if you keep popping up?”

Sarah grabbed my hand. “Maybe that’s the point.”

I finally turned toward Sarah. “What do you mean?” By the time I turned back toward where my wife was standing, she was gone. My head was spinning. Was this all a dream? But then what happened in the shower, what was that all about.

“Eddie,” Sarah grabbed my hand.

“Sarah, I’m not sure how to process this.”

“What about letting go? Are you ready to let go?”

The moment she asked me the question my mind went blank. Was I ready? Then I looked down at Sarah’s hand over mine and I knew I was.

It was time.

~ Sarah ~

“Good morning, sunshine,” I said and sat down on the edge of the bed.

When I woke up this morning my body was pressed against Eddie’s and our heads were touching. I wanted to stay in the position but I also needed coffee and a few moments to myself. Eddie was still asleep when I snuck out to grab us some breakfast.

“Is it morning already,” he said and stretched.

I moved the coffee under his nose. “It is. We have a big day ahead of us.”

He reached for his coffee and smiled. “Did you get up before me to do your hair and makeup?”


He sat the coffee on the little table and wrapped his arms around my waist to bring me down beside him. “Maybe, huh?” Then he tickled my side.

“And brush my teeth.” He tickled me some more. I was in fits of giggles now. “Eddie.”

He stopped suddenly. “No really, I would rather have you in my arms when I first wake up, morning breath and all.”

“That’s not a pretty sight, you may regret that decision.”

“Never,” he said and pulled me closer. “So we have a big day planned?”

My body ignited the moment his lips touched mine. I moaned and shook my head yes to his answer. He kissed me again, and I was completely useless.

“You taste so good,” He whispered.

“It’s the taffy and fudge.”


I shrugged my shoulders. “Hey, I need to get my share of treats in before we leave. Plus, they were passing out freebies. I never pass up freebies.”

He pulled my body over his own and onto the bed. Then he straddled my legs. “Tell me you brought some for me?”

“What if I didn’t?”

“There are consequences for forgetting the taffy.”

I winked. “Oh yeah, show me.”

He sat there speechless for several seconds. Then he brought his leg over to lay down next to me. “Tease.”

I giggled and leaned over to kiss him. “We’ll go get some for Kelsey.”

“She would love that.”

“We should come up here with her, I bet she would have a blast,” I said without thinking. “I mean…”

“I love that idea.”


“I don’t think Kelsey’s dentist will be very happy with you,” Eddie said as I packed a second little bag full of taffy.

“We’ll have her brush more often. They’ll never know.”

We spent another hour in the hotel room talking before getting ready and leaving.

Something I discovered, men weren’t so scary. Oh, and another thing, I was falling for this sexy firefighter. I hoped he felt the same. That unknown scared me.

He grabbed my hand before I could sneak a third bag. “Are you trying to hoard taffy?”

“Who me?”

“We still need to make room for that bear over there.” He pointed to the window where a gigantic stuffed bear was holding a box of chocolates.

“Seriously?” I sounded shocked but really I was excited.

He shrugged his shoulders. “Too much?”

“Are you kidding me? Hell no, she’ll love it!”

He pulled me close and kissed my temple. “Good. So stop adding to the load, we’ll come back.”

Over the last twenty-four hours, my life had shifted from shitty to hopeful. Eddie made me feel like a woman. Something most men failed to do. His kisses were making me regret stopping him last night. I knew he wanted to have sex with me, but at the moment my past tried to invade my happiness.

“Hey, we need to enjoy a good yoga practice soon.”

“Yeah, you’re needing some zen in your life?”


He stopped walking and turned toward me. “What is it?”

“Nothing. I mean, yoga just helps me see the good and wash away the negative.”

Eddie reached for my hand. “You have negative feelings today?”

“No. I mean, yes and no.” I didn’t want him to think my negative thoughts were because of him. “Okay, what I mean is, there are moments like what happened last night when the negative thoughts appear.” I sat the two bags of taffy on the table next to me and reached for his other hand. “Listen, you are the first person in my life who makes me feel the way I do.”

“And how do you feel?”

“Like a lady. Excited. Butterflies. Happy.”

He pulled me close and bent to kiss my nose, then my cheek, and finally my lips. “Butterflies?”

“All the time,” I whispered.

He kissed me lightly and stepped back. “I feel it, too,” he said and picked up both the bags of taffy. “I think that’s why I saw my wife. Maybe we both need a good hot yoga session to get all this negative out of us?”

“Yeah, you think?”

“Either that or.” He bent down to my ear and whispered, “Some good sex.”

I know I turned red, I could feel my face on fire. “Oh…”

“Yup, sounds like the latter is the winner from your reaction.”

“My reaction, but I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t have to.” He walked to the cashier. “Let’s get extra chocolate for the occasion.”

I didn’t know what to think.

Well, yes I did.

I wanted him, all of him.

~ Eddie ~

“About your car.” I handed Sarah her keys.

“What about it?”

“We need to get a car hauler.”

“Wait? Why?”

I placed our bags under the bench. “I don’t plan on riding solo.”

She had this look on her face as she took the few steps separating us. “So you plan on renting a car hauler so we don’t have to drive back alone?”

“Yeah, is that okay?”

It was already four and Jan had called earlier to let me know Kelsey said she missed me. There was a four-thirty ferry leaving the island, and I knew it was time to get back to Frankfort soon. One thing was for sure, we both needed the last twenty-four hours. The next time I saw my late wife, if there was even a next time, I planned to tell her I was okay. I knew there was something special about Sarah and it wasn’t the fact that she had the same name as my late wife.

The woman clouding my every thought pulled my face down. “It’s more than okay.”


She brushed her thumb across my lips and kissed me tenderly. “On one condition?”

I stepped back. “I’m afraid to ask?”

“No country music allowed.”

“Not a problem, my phone only plays classic rock.”

I kissed her temple and wrapped my arm around her waist. “You okay with leaving the island?”

She didn’t answer right away. When she finally looked up, there was a tear threatening to fall. “Yeah, I am.”

I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my phone. After unlocking the screen, I went to Spotify and pulled up Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. The ferry blew its horn for the last time before pulling away from the dock. There were only a few people on the upper deck. The sound of the ferry was just loud enough that if I played a song for Sarah, it would be for her ears only.

I hit play. “Look back at the island.” Then the song started. Peter talks about climbing up a hill and looking back at the city lights. Then, the moment he says, pack your things I’m going to take you home–I looked in her direction–“It’s time to go home, Sarah.”

That tear that threatened to fall, it slid down her cheek. “Eddie,” she said in a whisper and rested her head on my chest.

“I know what I want, Sarah.”

She wrapped her arms around my waist. “Me, too.”

I let the song continue to play. When it came to the end, she reached over and hit replay. I leaned my body against the railing and rested my head against her own. Closing my eyes for a brief moment, I felt my wife near me. This time, I didn’t open my eyes, I wanted to take this beautiful woman in my arms, home.


“We may only have a three-hour drive, but we still need road trip food,” I said and attached the last of the wiring for the hitch on the trailer.

“Oh, like Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids and a slushy?”

I stood up and brushed my hands off on my pants. “You forgot the hot dog and Pringles.”

Sarah moaned. “I’m full just talking about it.”

We took about ten minutes to spend thirty-five dollars on pop and candy. I started up the SUV. “You ready?”

She leaned back in the seat and popped a sour patch kid in her mouth. “So ready.”

The drive was easy, somehow we missed the rush hour traffic. I was ready to get back home. Kelsey had already sent a text to my phone asking, “How far?” I knew Jan wrote it for her, but it still was too cute.

“So,” I said when Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones ended.

“So…what?” she said and leaned up.

“I was thinking about our sleeping arrangement.”

“Yeah, you want me to stay in a different room?”

At the stoplight, I looked her way. “Yeah.”

“Do you have another…” Then she stopped. “Wait, what are you saying?”

“I do have a cal-king.”

“I don’t know, Eddie.”

Reaching over to grab her hand and squeezing it lightly. “We can get a new bed if that would be easier?”

“No. That’s not necessary. I mean, are you sure you’re ready?”

She had a point, I did just see a vision of my dead wife less than twenty-four hours ago. “Yeah, I’m sure.” There was a honk from behind us. I looked up to see the light had changed to green. “Yeah, I’m definitely sure.” I was struggling to pay attention to even when a stoplight changed.

“Okay, but on one condition.”

“You and your conditions,” I teased.


“I’m not wearing pajamas.”

It was hard not to laugh at how she stopped talking and her mouth fell to the floor. I hated to wear anything to bed. Even when I lived at home, my mom would walk in on me when I was getting up. And yes, it was embarrassing.

“Um, okay…”

“You know they’re overrated, right? Waste of money.”

She sat there speechless.

Oh, this was going to be fun.

~ Sarah ~

“Sarah,” Kelsey said and ran toward me.

“Hi, sweet pea.” I picked her up and spun her around.

“You home,” she asked and wiggled out of my arms. “Where’d you go?”

I squatted down. “Do you know about Mackinac Island yet?” She shook her head back and forth vigorously. “Well, I guess we will just have to go back there, eh?”

“Oh, fun trip,” she said and jumped up and down. Eddie picked her up and Kelsey leaned in to give him a kiss. “I missed you, Daddy.”

“I missed you, too. We brought you something.”

She wiggled down out of his arms and hopped up and down yelling, “Presents, presents, presents.”

Eddie placed his hands on his hips. “Were you a good girl?”

I couldn’t stop laughing. They were too cute.

Finally, Eddie pulled out the big stuffed bear from the backseat. Kelsey stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes went wide. I ran over and threw myself at the bear. “What, you don’t want him? More for me.”

“He my bear.”

I stepped back away from the stuffed baby. “Well, you better hurry and give him a hug. He’s feeling lonely.”

Kelsey ran so fast and catapulted her little body into the center of the bear’s stomach. “Don’t be sad,” she said and hugged him so tight.

She helped Eddie carry the bear inside the house. Well, it was more like Eddie carried the bear and Kelsey instructed.

Jan was standing in the doorway laughing. “What did you buy?”

I held up the bag of candy for her to look inside. “Too much.”

“Wait, you went to Mackinac?”

“We were on the island.”

She turned her head to the side. “Sarah, were you going to stay there?”

“I’ve heard people talking about it and thought it would be different.”

Jan grabbed my hand. “What made you change your mind?”

I didn’t know how to answer that yet. Jan only knew snippets of my past, but she did not know the whole story about my parents. Small town gossip had shared about the incident at the grocery store with my father. I cleared my throat trying not to cry. “Your brother.” That’s all I could say before I released the floodgates.

She pulled me close and rubbed my back. “You and Eddie have been through so much.” I don’t know what it was, but I rested my head on her shoulder and felt…what? Love. She made me feel loved.

I lifted my head. “It’s time for a change.”

“It definitely is, sweetheart.”

Eddie told me after I first met Jan that she was ten years older than him. She was a mother hen. Trust me, I wasn’t complaining. “Thanks for being so understanding when Eddie left last night.”

“Oh sweetie, there was no stopping that man. He was on a mission.”

I glanced at Eddie. He was chasing after Kelsey with his fingers wiggling back and forth. “Yeah, I’m thankful for that.”

“Sarah, I heard what happened at Marv’s.”

What was I supposed to say?

“Please don’t be embarrassed,” she said and grabbed both my hands. “I want you to know you can talk to me anytime.”

For as long as I could remember I was always alone. Now, today, it was something altogether different. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything, sweetie.”

“Thank you, Jan.” That’s all I could muster for the moment.

I felt a light touch on my back. Eddie smiled and handed me the box of chocolates. “I believe these are yours.”

Now I really was speechless.

I went from one emotion on to the next.

The next emotion, aroused.


“You sure about this?” I asked and tucked one corner of the sheet under the mattress.

“More than sure,” Eddie said and walked around to my side of the bed.

His room was a decent size. The cal-king only took up half the space but the sleigh bed was the focal point. When I walked into the room, my eyes were drawn to his bed immediately. It’s possible my eyes couldn’t stop looking at the purple duvet surrounded by several pillows because I knew what was coming.

“Is that your favorite artist?” I pointed to the two paintings above the bed.

“Let’s discuss them another day.”

Which meant, my wife loved them.

I must’ve sighed too loud because he placed his hands on my shoulders. “Sarah, just ignore everything in here.”

“That’s not fair. They are special to you.”

“Okay,” he said and grabbed my hand. “Come on.” On our way out of the room he grabbed a fleece blanket.

“Eddie, it’s okay. We don’t have to go somewhere else.”

He stayed silent as he lead me down the stairway, through the kitchen, then we went down another set of stairs. I had not been in his basement yet. It was one big open space with a sectional couch, big screen TV, and a bar in the far left corner.

“Here,” he said and handed me the blanket. “We have a sleeper couch in this sectional. You never know how many people will want to sleep over all at once.”

“Always good to be prepared,” I teased and helped pull one side of the bed out.

“This couch has never been used.”

That took me by surprise. “So we can christen it?” Again my mouth talked before I had a chance to think about what I would say.

I may have surprised Eddie more with that statement.

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