Eddie: Crystal Lake Firefighter Romance Serial - Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

~ Eddie ~

“Christen it, huh?” I said and walked around to her side of the couch.

“Well, um,” Sarah said and fidgeted with her fingers.

I reached forward and grabbed her hands. “Hey, I can just hold you like last night. I would never want to pressure you into anything you’re not comfortable with.”

“No!” She lifted her head and almost yelled the words.

“Then what is it?”

She stepped away, dragging her hand over the back of the couch. “It’s nothing. Well, I mean…I want you,” she said turning to face me. “I guess after seeing your room, do you want to be with me.” Sarah stepped behind the small bar. I had several bottles unopened and stored on the shelves. You could see her reach for something and then she placed a bottle on the bar. “Want one?” she asked and held up a shot glass.

“Sure.” I stepped up to the bar and rested my arms on the wood surface. The question she asked was running around in my mind. I had too many memories of my wife on every surface of this house.


She scowled. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want you.” I was upfront about my feelings, it only seemed fair.

Sarah’s cheeks went a darker shade of red. “Good,” she said and poured another shot of bourbon.

Before she could bring the shot glass to her lips, I lifted my hand to stop her. “Let’s switch things up. Are you sure you want this?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Then why do you need the alcohol?”

She stayed silent for about fifteen seconds. When she spoke you could hear a crack in her voice. “It’s helped me to not feel the pain from my past.”

My heart sank at her words. Sex meant pain for her. How was I supposed to be the guy to show her the beauty of a man and a woman together? Could I be that guy? Now I needed that shot of bourbon. Resisting the urge to drink every last drop, I walked around the bar and poured the contents in the small sink. Reaching for her hands, I turned to face her. “Do you trust me, Sarah?”


I could feel her shaking. “Sarah?”

“I do. I’m just scared,” she said and took a step closer.

“Let’s have a stop word?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t want you to feel pressured. If at any moment you do, you say the word.”

“Oh, what about blue?”

It felt weird to be having this conversation. “Okay, blue it is.”

We stood there for a few more minutes. Then she surprised me by leaning up on her tip-toes and kissing me. I wasn’t ready to make the first move yet, I wanted to give her that opportunity.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

I brushed my hand down her cheek and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes showed a multitude of emotions, it was hard to know what she was feeling at that moment. Letting go of one of her hands, I guided her back to the couch. We stood at the end of the small bed with the covers strewn.

She fisted her hands around the hem of my sweatshirt and lifted it up over my head. My white cotton tee dragged along with it, leaving me standing there half-naked. I could hear her inhale deeply. Then she went to unbutton my jeans, but I grabbed her hands to stop her.

“What are you doing?” she asked sounding confused.

“This isn’t how it should be.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can I show you?”

She only nodded.

I curled my hand around her neck and brought her face closer. My body shivered as she wrapped her hands around my waist. I loved how she had speckles of gold in her blue eyes. Kissing each eyelid, I made my way slowly down, kissing the bridge of her nose, her cheeks, chin, and finally her lips. She inhaled at the touch, I loved how her body was molding to my own with every touch. I continued my decent down her neck looking forward to reaching her sweet spot behind her ear. “Just let go,” I whispered. Then I kissed her tenderly.

It was like someone had given her a happy pill or the best massage of her life. Her body relaxed in my arms. Reaching down, I put my arms under her and picked her up.

She gasped. “Eddie.”

“Close your eyes.”

Then I walked around to the side of the bed and laid her down over the blankets. I knelt down on the floor next her and brushed my fingers over her lips. Then I traced my fingers down over her blouse unfastening one button at a time. I ran my hands down her exposed skin. She was flushed and breathing to the point of where I was concerned she would hyperventilate. My body was reacting, but I had to wait. Standing, I walked over to the other side of the bed and crawled over to lie down next to Sarah. Her eyes were still closed, and she was doing a special breathing exercise.

“Sarah?” She only made a sound, acknowledging me. “I will make tonight only about you, okay?”

Her eyes opened. “What do you mean?”

“You were made to believe sex was an act for the man, right? It wasn’t to give you pleasure?”


“That’s not what sex is about, Sarah. I want to show you how special it can be.”

She looked down at my bare chest and licked her lips. Through half-lidded eyes. “Show me.”

God she was beautiful.

I reached my hand forward to continue unfastening each button. As the last button released and her shirt fell away, my body shivered. I knew this was about Sarah tonight, but a small part of me knew this would be new for me as well. My wife and I were together for several years. Having Sarah here now, it brought several emotions forward. I was ready to attack every single one of them.

Running my hand down her chest and over her abdomen, I could feel her shiver with each touch. I bent to kiss in between her breasts. Then I started a small trail of kisses down to her belly button. Leaning up, I wanted to make sure she was still with me. Her eyes were closed. I unfastened the button on her jeans and watched her eyes fly open.

“Want me to stop?” I lifted my hand.

“No, please don’t,” she begged and reached for my hand to set it back over her jeans.

I didn’t say a word. Slowly, I slid the zipper down and moved my hands under the material wanting to feel her skin on mine. I continued to leave light kisses all over her exposed body waiting for the right moment to slide her jeans off. As I pushed them down over her behind, she lifted up slightly. I inhaled, she was aroused, and I had to stop my body from reacting. This was about her, not me. Once she was free of the confines of her jeans, I dragged my fingers up the length of her legs. Once I reached my destination, I ran my finger over her sex and brought it to my nose. God, she smelled amazing. Taking a deep breath, I once again reminded myself this was not about me.


“Yeah, baby?” I called her baby. It slipped out, but I noticed the word caused her to relax.

She reached for my hand and sat it back down over her panties. “You feel good.”

It was like I needed that confirmation. I placed my fingers under the hem of her panties and decided they needed to go. Once she was exposed, I found it hard to control myself. I pushed her legs apart and ran my finger down the center of her core. Her body bucked up at the touch. The moment I placed two fingers inside, she mirrored my movements back and forth. When I pulled my fingers back out, she moaned.

“Sarah. Do you want more?”

She only moaned louder.

I slid my body down in between her legs and peppered light kisses on her inner thighs.

~ Sarah ~

The moment Eddie’s head disappeared, I didn’t know what to think. Was I supposed to think?

“Oh God, Eddie,” I moaned.

He lifted his head and smiled. “Should I stop?”

“No,” I said a bit too loudly and threw my hand over my mouth.

“Okay then.” He dropped his head.

The moment his tongue touched my most sensitive spot, my body bucked up again. No man had ever made me feel the way he was doing at this moment. I struggled to find the words for how I was feeling. Then he did a movement that stopped my train of thought immediately. There was this shutter that stretched over every inch of my body and caused what felt like a shock wave running down the width of me. Then the feeling increased at a faster pace until finally I had to cry out from the sheer pleasure. Eddie must’ve known what happened, but he never lifted his head. Instead, I felt him brush his tongue once more along my heated flesh.

I sat up so fast. “Holy shit! What are you doing?”

He leaned back and had this devious grin on his face. “What?”

“That’s just mean,” I teased.

“Is it?”

Pushing him back onto the bed, I straddled him. “I’m over making tonight about me.”

“Yeah? What do you have in mind?”

I ran both my hands over his very defined chest and abs. My fingertips disappeared under the waistline of his jeans. “Huh, I don’t know.”

“Sarah, I see that look in your eyes.”

“What look?” I teased and bent my head to pepper light kisses on his abdomen, I was feeling a little too excited to find his happy trail. My one finger popped open the button of his jeans while my other finger traced around the waistband of his boxers.

What was happening tonight was so different from any of my other experiences? Eddie wanted to be with me and he didn’t want to rush the time we were having together. Those two factors alone made me realize something, maybe I had finally found one of the good guys.

Did I deserve it though?

“Hey,” Eddie whispered. “Whatever is going on in here.” He placed his finger on my temple. “Let it go.”

I sat up and took in several deep breaths. My Kundalini yoga practices had taught me how to breathe properly and rid my body of that negative energy. Opening my eyes, I smiled at the look he was giving me. “Am I leaving you hanging?”


I didn’t answer his question. Instead, I moved my body to finish unzipping his jeans. Right before I was about to pull back his boxers, Eddie lifted my body up. In a flash my back was resting on the bed once again.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

He winked and stood up to remove his jeans and then without warning his boxers. My heart rate increased the moment he stood there completely naked. The man was stunning…every inch of him (and there were a lot of inches).

Eddie went on all fours and crawled over to me. He stopped and rubbed his knee. “I may need to invest in a new bed upstairs.”

“This hideaway not cutting it,” I asked and sat up to be eye level with him.

“You laugh now.”

“Who me? Never.”

He sat back on his knees and pulled me onto his lap. I gasped at the contact and he leaned in to kiss me. “Sarah,” he whispered on my lips. Then he kissed me deeper and demanded more. I let him explore every inch of me, I couldn’t get enough. “Here.” He held his palm open and one single condom was resting in the center.

“You want me to put it on?”

“Oh, you don’t have to?”

“No, I can. I mean.”

We both burst out laughing.

Finally, I grabbed the condom from his hand and held it up. “New beginnings, right?” I had to move off his lap and sit back on my knees. Before I even made an attempt to put it on. “You have an extra one in case I mess this up, right?”

“Yes, but you won’t mess up.”

I reached for him and at the same moment he took in a deep inhale. “Are you okay?”

“More than okay.” He had his eyes closed.

I struggled with not staring at his beautiful erection. Probably because I secretly loved looking at men and I loved every single part of them. The problem was, all the men I encountered never showed that kind of love back. I was just a piece of meat that could be thrown around to anyone in need and then tossed away when the time was right.


“Huh?” I was holding him in my hands and sitting there with my eyes closed. Well, that’s not embarrassing or anything.

“I can do it?” he said touching my hands.

“Eddie, can I ask you something?”


Yes, my hands were still holding him and honestly, it was calming me.

“All this. It means something to you, right?”

Finally, he grabbed my hands and brought them to his lips. “Baby, I haven’t felt this way in awhile.”

“But you want more of it, right?”

“Sarah, do you want to talk about it?”

“No, well, maybe later.”

He smiled. “Tell me what you want?”

I placed my one hand over his shaft. “You.”

“You can have all of me.”

Ripping open the little foil package, I carefully rolled the condom down over him. “You promise you have more?”

“A whole box in my bedroom.”

Climbing back up on his lap, the contact almost took my breath away. The moment my body felt his hard erection pulse under me, I was hungry for more. “Eddie,” I breathed.

He didn’t say a word. Instead, he reached in between us and then he entered me inch by inch. We moved back and forth together. Then our movements became deeper and at a faster pace.

“Oh shit, Sarah.”

“Hold on, Eddie. You can hold on for a little bit longer.” I needed more. My body must’ve craved a release because that feeling from earlier was fast approaching. “Please, don’t stop.”

“Come for me, Sarah.”

My mind went blank and the most delicious feeling passed through every part of my body. I wanted to fall forward but Eddie was still moving back and forth inside me. Opening my eyes, we stared at each other. I could feel him get harder and then his eyes closed.

“Sarah,” he yelled.

We stayed connected. I had my head nestled in the crook of his neck. Lifting it back up to look into his eyes. “Can we stay like this all night?”

“If I could, I would not let you move an inch. But my legs probably won’t allow that to happen.”

“Oh shit.” I tried to lift my body. “Are you okay?”

“Wait, not yet.”

I didn’t fight him.

“Sarah, tell me something.”

“Now you want to discuss my past?”

“What? No,” he said and tightened his grip on my ass to push deeper inside me.

I closed my eyes. “And you want me to think at the moment, too?”

“Not even a little bit.”

“Then tell me what’s on your mind?”

“How many times have you been able to come in one night?”

The question took me off guard. “What? Um…I don’t know.”

“Well, we need to find out.”

I guess we had reached a new point in our relationship status.

“Should we set a goal?” His facial expression was priceless at my question. “No?”

“Oh, we will be setting a lot of new goals.” He pushed my body back on the bed. “The first one being, round three.”

Sleep was so overrated anyways.

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