Who is Terra Kelly? (Part One)

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Is this a question that has crossed your mind when my emails pop in your inbox, or my name appears on social? Yeah, I get that. There are so many romance authors out there today, how do you keep up? So let’s settle this mystery- Who is Terra Kelly?

Now, I could start this off by sharing every intimate detail with you, but what’s the fun in that? I need to have a little mystery to my name after all.

Terra Kelly is partially my pen name- Terra is my real name. I honestly love the name Terra and would never change it for anything or anyone. Funny story- my mom actually named me after the character, Terra, in the Soap Opera “All My Children.” Now, if you don’t remember the character you may not be going back far enough in the timeline to when she was on the show. Yes, I’m giving away my age with this fun fact.

I’m a Northerner and love everything about Fall and Winter. I currently live in the South and of course now love all things BBQ. Because I’m a true Northerner, one of my favorite things to enjoy is apples and of course apple cider- oh, and cherry wine. Did I give my home base away yet?

Writing books was never a plan, actually that story is for part two of these blog posts. I did love writing poems in high school, though. Many of them are saved in notebooks and some are on loose papers bunched together in a special container in my garage. Seriously y’all, I must’ve been a pretty sad teenager… every poem is so depressing. BUT I was a writer even then, I was able to express my feelings through words- something I definitely love doing still today.

My Favorites:

  • Movie: Footloose (the Kevin Bacon one in 1984)
  • Color: Green
  • Food: Pizza
  • TV show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Book: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
  • Wine: All wine
  • Sports: Football and Hockey
  • Football team: San Francisco 49ers
  • Hockey team: Detroit Redwings
  • Vacation: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England when I was 17.

Did I miss anything? If you want to know another favorite, just leave me a comment below.

I hope this helps clear up any questions you have about who Terra Kelly is, and makes you curious to read one of my books. Next week I will reveal my big writing secret that I hope helps other aspiring writers overcome the publishing fear. Until next time, go enjoy a good book and let your mind be taken to another world.

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