Eddie: Crystal Lake Firefighter Romance Serial - Chapter Six

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I think you will finally get some of those questions you have been asking me. What really happened to Sarah? Who hurt her in her past?

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Chapter Six

~ Eddie ~

Two weeks later…

“Is Sarah still at your house?” Jackson asked and handed me the hose.

“Yeah,” I coiled it up and made sure it was secured on the truck. “It’s weird, a part of me loves having her there. Yet, another part of me is screaming you just met her, what the hell is wrong with you.”

“Well, you did just meet her.”

“I still have my sister stop by when I’m at work.”

“I would, too. Why is she still there?”

That was the million-dollar question of the day…and I didn’t have the damn answer. It had been two weeks since she showed up asking for a place to stay. I was enjoying her company. Plus, my sister would tell me how much she loved having Sarah around.

Sarah had not mentioned looking for another place. Which was odd?

“She heard from the realty company finally,” I said and hung a jacket on a large hook.

“Yeah? Are the assholes planning to give all her money back?”

“Funny you mention that. They were trying to give her the runaround about how she signed a contract and they only had to give her seventy percent back.”

Jackson stopped what he was doing. “I’m sorry, what did you say? Seventy percent. I call their bullshit.”

“Yeah, I already had my lawyer call them and within an hour they said the check would be mailed,” I laughed and sat down on the edge of the truck. “I’m not sure how she found this company but this whole situation could have been much worse.”

“Yeah, like billowing fire worse.”

“I’ve been trying to not think about that scenario.”

Just then a call came over the scanner. “Domestic dispute at Marv’s grocery store on sixth street. All police officers in the area need to respond immediately.”

Sarah was working today. It was like my body knew she was in trouble.

After a week living at my place, she finally shared what the repairman had done. He had crossed the line with his advances but she didn’t want me to say anything. When she told me about the incident, I noticed her whole-body coil in like a snake. When I tried to touch her hand, she jumped.

Sarah had experienced something traumatic in her life. But what?


The firehouse did not need to respond to the call that had just come through the scanner, but I wanted to check on Sarah. As I walked into Marv’s my heart stopped. Sarah was in a choke-hold suspended just above the ground. Her eyes were closed, she had her hands on the man’s forearms, and tears were streaming down her face.

One of the officers had his hands in the air and was trying to talk the guy down off the ledge.

I nudged the officer next to me. “What’s the story?”

“The manager said the guy came in acting normal, waited in the young woman’s line, and then went ballistic.”

Trying to play dumb. “So they know each other?”

“No clue. It seems that way though.”

Right at that moment a woman jumped on the guys back screaming, “Harry, stop it. She’s your daughter.”

A few days after Sarah arrived at my place she mentioned her age in passing. I was surprised to hear she was only twenty-two. The woman acted like she was in her thirties already. Now I knew why. This.

Sarah’s eyes opened and locked onto mine. “Oh God,” she whispered.

I bent down on my knees and never took my eyes off hers.

“Sarah, you can fight back. It’s okay,” I whispered, hoping she could hear me with all the yelling.

In between fighting for air. “I don’t know, Eddie.”

“I do. Don’t let him win. Don’t ever let them win”


Right as she asked that question, her body jerked up. The guy, her father was trying to fight off the woman on his back and still have a solid hold on Sarah. I stood up, ready to jump in…but I didn’t need to jump in–something shifted in Sarah–you could see it in her eyes.

The guy towered over her, so she had the ability to bring her elbow back and hit him in the jewels. The moment she made contact, his eyes went wide, and he loosened his grip on her neck. I jumped up and reached in to grab her around her waist.

“I got you,” I said and took several steps away from the commotion.

She buried her head in the crook of my neck.

“Sarah, can you talk to me?” She mumbled something, but I had no clue what she was saying. “I can’t understand you.” I almost said baby but stopped myself.

She lifted her head. “My mom and dad.” Then she placed her head back on my shoulder.

One of the officers walked up. “We’re going to need to talk to her about what just happened.”

“Give her a minute,” I said. The officer nodded and headed over to the guy still curled up in a ball on the ground. It took two people to lift him up and manage his dead weight. Sarah had hit him pretty hard. I pulled her back away from my body. “Do you want me to go with you for the questioning?”

“No.” She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I’ll be fine.” She bent her head. “And I’ll grab my belongings and be out of your way tonight. I’m sorry for this mess.”

“You don’t have to leave.”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Do you have a place to stay?”

She stepped away, putting several inches in between us. “There’s a motel in town. I’ll grab a room for a few nights and then figure things out.”


She scowled. “No, what?”

“No, you don’t need to leave and you don’t need to stay in a motel.”

“Eddie, I’ve more than over stayed my welcome,” she said and wrapped her arms around her body. “To be honest, I never even tried to look for a place to stay.” She lowered her voice some more. “You and Kelsey made me feel at home. I’ve never felt that before.”

My mind drifted back to my wife the day before she died. I stepped closer to Sarah. “I’ll drive you to the station.” Reaching for her hand. “But I think it’s time we talked.”


That’s all she said, nothing more. I was ready for her to disagree with me. Instead, we walked hand-in-hand to my truck.

My wife was a warrior. She fought until her very last breath. I know she would have encouraged Sarah to fight, too.

Since my wife couldn’t, I would do it for her.

~ Sarah ~

Canada was looking pretty good at the moment.

When I noticed my father in line, I knew shit would go south fast.

“Are you related to the man who attacked you today?” The officer sitting across from me in the interrogation room asked.

“He’s my father.”

“Do you know why he attacked you?”

“I don’t even think he knows why, sir.”

It was true, my father was a classic drunk. When he would lay a punch on me, it was followed up by slurred angry words. My father struggled to hold a job, loved his booze, and didn’t respect women.

The police officer questioned me for another thirty minutes before I was released. When I walked out of the building, I noticed Eddie getting out of his car and leaning his body on the hood. After what he experienced today why in the hell was he here?

“Hey.” I had no clue what else to say.

“You okay?”

“For now.”

Eddie pushed off the hood and moved closer to me. “Jan just sent me a text.” He held his phone up so I could see the screen.

My heart melted. On the screen, Kelsey was drawing a picture at the kitchen table of a man and a woman with a child. I felt speechless. Trying to play dumb. “Is that her mom?”

He inched a little closer. “It’s you, Sarah.”

“She doesn’t even know me.”

“Well, to be fair she is only four,” he teased and laced his fingers in mine. “I think children are pretty smart though at this age.”

“Yeah? Why do you say that?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” He pulled my body flush up to his own. “Is there such a thing as children’s intuition?”

Up close, I could see every feature on his perfect face. There was a small scar on the tip of his nose and the corner of his left eye. His skin looked so smooth and those chocolate-colored eyes were making my insides melt. I had to internally yell at myself, “Focus, Sarah, focus.”

“Children’s intuition?” I burst out laughing. “They are smarter than adults some days.”


I stopped laughing. “Yeah?”

“Come home with me tonight. We can figure this out tomorrow…together.”

“Why would you want to help me?”

He turned his head to the side. “Why does that surprise you so much?”

“Nobody has ever wanted to help.”

“Maybe times have changed.”

I stepped back because I was finding it difficult to think that close to his body. “Do you really want this mess in your life?”

“If it gives me a chance to get to know you, yes.”

“Shit.” I wanted to believe him, and dammit, I wanted to go home with him. “I need to go see my mom. I think she needs me right now.”

Almost a month ago when I met Eddie, I figured he was like all the rest of the men in my life. Now I know that was wrong. As much as I wanted to get in his car and go home to his sweet little girl. There was something I had to do first.

I needed to stop ignoring my past.


“Why are you here, mom?” I sat down on the edge of the bed in her motel room.

“To stop your father.”

“From doing what?”

“He’s really mad at you, Sarah.”

My dad had threatened me several times but never followed through on his threats. “Dad has always been mad at me. What’s new today?”

Mom sat down beside me and grabbed my hand. “He loves you, you know that, right?”

“He has a shitty way of showing it.”

I stood up and made my way to the door. “Mom, I can’t do this. I left because Dad needs to find someone else to beat up on.”

The motel room felt cramped, I needed air.

I wanted to be at Eddie’s house, sitting at the table eating dinner and laughing with his daughter. Instead, I was standing on a sidewalk outside a rundown motel on the outskirts of town.

My mom was still trying to defend my dad’s actions. Why did I think that would change? I pulled my phone from my back pocket and pulled up Eddie’s number. He made sure the other day I had his number saved in case I needed to call him. Now was one of those moments.

The phone rang three times, then the cutest voice rang into my ears. “Hello.”

“Kelsey. It’s Sarah.”

“Sarah. Where you at?”

“I had to talk to someone.”

“You coming back?”

“Yeah, I am.” The words felt good to say. “Is your dad there?”

“Yup.” Then I heard the phone drop, and the sound reverberated in my ear.


“Hi. Um, I was wondering…”

“Where are you now? I will be there.”

He didn’t even let me finish my sentence. Why did he care so much?

I let him know which motel I was at and that I would wait in the lobby area.

“I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

Frankfort was pretty small. The motel was only twenty minutes from town and surrounded by several shopping centers. I made my way to the lobby and sat down in the chair facing the door. The TV was on and the incident at Marv’s was being reported by the local news.

The woman behind the desk did a double take in my direction. “Is that you?”

“I’m sorry?” I tried to play dumb and look at the TV again. “That woman? No.” Then I realized I was wearing the same clothes as the woman on TV. Perfect.

Eddie needed to get here soon. It was cold outside but anything was better than having someone stare at you from across the room. I stood and briskly made my way to the door. There was a bench off to the side of the building. The moment I sat down, there was a honk from behind me.

His timing was perfect.

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