Eddie: Crystal Lake Firefighter Romance Serial - Chapter One

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Welcome to the first ever FREE firefighter romance serial on TerraKelly.com! *Runs around waving hands in the air* I am beyond excited to share a short story with you all while we wait for the next big release. Hint: It's coming soon.

This serial is book one in a trilogy, so there will be more. YAY!

Okay, first things first, this is a fun story just for us now and will be published at a later date. That basically means these chapters are not professionally edited yet. They will be when the time is right. Until then, let's just enjoy the story together and not worry about all that other stuff. 

Note: This story does not have an ending. That's where you will come in, I will need your help.

I hope you enjoy Eddie and Sarah as much as I did!

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Chapter One


“No mommy, no. Mommy, please don’t go.”

I sat up in bed at the sound of my daughter’s cry. Glancing at the clock it read four-thirty. For the last two nights around this same time my daughter was waking up crying for her mom.

I ran down the hallway to her room. “Baby, I’m here. You’re okay.” I knew I couldn’t wake her up, but I had to console her somehow.

I rocked Kelsey back and forth in my arms, hoping she would fall fast asleep. Instead, she screamed again. “Mommy, mommy, wait.”

“Shhhhh, it’s okay my precious angel. Mommy is safe now.” I ensured. The words were true, my wife was safe and free from pain now.

“Daddy?” Kelsey sat up.

“I’m here, baby.”

“I want mommy, daddy?”

“I know you do. Remember what we talked about. She’s right here.” As I placed a finger over her heart. “Always and forever.”

“She’ll never leave me?”

“Never ever, baby girl. Want to lie down with daddy?”

“With Snuffles?” She begged. Her favorite stuffed elephant went with her everywhere…even to the bathroom.

“We have enough room for Snuffles, too.” I smiled and brushed her hair back away from her eyes. “What was this dream about, baby? Same as last night?” I picked her up into my arms and she reached down to grab her stuffed baby. I watched as she pulled Snuffles close to her body and rested her head on my chest.

“Can we talk about it tomorrow, daddy?”

“We sure can, baby.” I reassured her and pulled her little body closer to my own. She was still shaking. The nightmares were not getting better, they were getting worse. I needed to make a change, help her but how?


There was something resting on my face, as I went to brush it away I could hear little faint giggles. Kelsey was awake. I opened one eyelid to the excited sounds of Kelsey.

“Daddy, you’re up, you’re up.”

I reached forward and grabbed her little body to pull her in for a big bear hug. “Well, I will be once some coffee hits my veins.” I teased. I sat up and noticed my mind somehow wanting to play tricks on me. There was this vision of my wife laying in our bed with her pillow covering her face. I had to shake my head and bring myself back to reality.


“Yes,” she said excitedly.

“I’m thinking it’s a pancake kinda day.”

“Pancakes with nanas.”

“Oh, bananas, huh? That can be arranged.” I was hesitant to bring up her nightmare but knew I had to ask. “Kelsey, do you remember your bad dream last night?”

She was smiling one second and then in a flash, there was fear etched on every corner of her face. “Daddy, mommy was sad.”

“I’m so sorry. Do you remember why she was sad?”

She took a few minutes to answer me. When she spoke, there was a hint of a quiver in her voice. “She hurt. Lots.”

“Do you think she is okay now?”

“I don’t know.” Then just like that, she was done. She picked up her favorite stuffed animal and ran to the bedroom door. “Pancakes.”

If I could force her to share what was going on in her sweet little mind, I would. Unfortunately, I had to wait until she was ready to talk. Which could be years?

“Pancake time it is.” I threw the covers back and ran toward her with my tickle hands engaged and ready to get those giggles filling the house. We needed happiness in our lives but somehow that wasn’t happening like I hoped.

The moment she burst out laughing the phone rang. Kelsey knew the drill by now, she had done it a thousand times. “Hurry daddy, it could be portant.”

“Okay, baby. Why don’t you go see if there is a good cartoon on?”

I worked as a volunteer firefighter. Most of the calls that came in from the firehouse were always at the worst time. Like now for insistent when I wanted to make pancakes with my daughter. 

“This is, Eddie.”

“Hey man, time to fly.”

“Shit, okay. I need to drop Kelsey at Jan’s house. I will be right there.” Then without a pause I called my sister Jan.

“Hey sweetie, you’re up early. Did you get a call?”

“Well, we’re up early because Kelsey had another bad dream, so it’s been a long night. And I just got a call.” I paused. “She’s hoping for pancakes.” That last sentence was me begging my sister to make the pancakes instead.

“Starting the batter now.”

“You’re the best.”

“You know I will do anything for you both.”



“Can I pay six months in advance?” I asked and pulled thirty-six crisp one hundred dollar bills from my wallet.

“Of course.” The realtor said. “It will be three thousand six hundred dollars. Is that okay?”

I silently whimpered. “Yeah, here.” I handed her the stack of bills.

“Will there be anyone else staying with you?”

“No,” I said much too quickly. “I mean, no, it’s just me.” I smiled and walked around the place. When I arrived in town, I grabbed the local paper to find a place to rent. One of the last listings was for a fixer-upper.

The woman had me sign a few documents and then handed me the keys. “She’s all yours. It is listed as a fixer-upper, so you may see a few issues. Just let us know. Oh, and if you do decide to buy it we can discuss the that further.”

“Um, sure.” I nodded. I had no plans to move to Frankfort, Michigan permanently.

I stood on the porch and watched the woman drive away. Then I leaned against the railing and fell backward. My body was half on an overgrown shrubbery and the other half was laying on top of several very pointy pine cones. I closed my eyes and wanted to laugh. Fixer upper, huh? It felt more like a complete dump.

I still had two hundred dollars in my secret stash in my suitcase. Maybe some nails and a hammer were more important than gas for my car. My bike made the trip and was begging to hit the pavement instead of being stored again in a closet.


As I rode into town I enjoyed the sights. My little home was only about two miles from Crystal Lake beach. It was late summer and the weird Michigan weather was already kicking in, which meant the beaches were empty. Trust me, no one wanted to swim in sixty-degree temperatures. Well, except the one family all huddled together under a blanket. I had to laugh at the sight.

The realtor had told me there was a grocery store six miles from my place. It felt more like sixty miles once I reached the small market. I locked my bike up next to the brick building and headed inside. I stopped at the door to read the small sign hanging with one piece of tape, Help Wanted.

I immediately headed inside and walked to the customer service counter. There was an older man standing behind the counter with a pen behind his ear and his eyes locked on the computer screen in front of him. After a few minutes, he glanced up. “Can I help you?”

“Um, yeah, the sign on the door said you are hiring. Are you still looking for someone?” I asked, biting the corner of my nail. 

The older man yelled over me. “Jimmy, there someone here to see you.” The guy smiled at me. “Give him a moment, he will be right with you.”

“Thanks.” Is all I said. I wasn’t much for making small talk with anyone.

I leaned against the counter to wait for this Jimmy guy.

The place was small. There were several racks full of food and other items, but they were packed tightly in the place. I could see a produce section and a small deli area. The place was so cute. As I waited, there was a man and his daughter walking through the front door. The little girl had a hold of the guy’s hand and was hopping around. I had to listen because I realized the little girl was whistling. I was trying not to laugh at the thought, but the little girl had to be only about four or five. How was this little cutie able to whistle so perfectly?

Just then a man stepped in front of me. I scowled and looked up. The guy nodded. “You the one looking for a job?”

“Yes, sir.”

We’re looking for a cashier to work afternoons and some weekends. Would that work?”

“Um, yes.”

“You don’t talk much, eh?”

“I’m sorry. Afternoons would be great.”

“Okay then, let’s have you fill out the application.”

I spent the next thirty minutes filling in every detail on the application and fibbing in places, too. No one needed to know I never finished high school. As I completed the form, Jimmy walked up beside me. He placed his hand on my shoulder which caused me to stand up a little too quickly and step away from him.

“Whoa,” He said and looked at the application. “You okay there, Sarah?”

“Yeah, fine. Sorry.” I lied. I wasn’t okay, but he didn’t need to know. “When will you be filling the position?”



“We’re kinda in need of someone and you are here. Can you start today?”

I found it odd they would just hire me on the spot, but then again, small town living was so different than a big city.


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