Terra Kelly

Contemporary Romance

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Catch Me

The Winters Family Series Book One

Maybe the curtain was a little too see-through…

Sexy firefighter Drew has it all.
A loving family.
His dream job. 
He even lives alone in a little cottage by the beach - his own paradise.
Everything changes when he sees his neighbor standing naked in front of her window.

Isabel makes a mean cheesecake.
She laughs loudly and hates wearing clothes.

Drew can't get the image of Isabel in her window out of his mind.
Isabel is on the hunt for new curtains… maybe.

Instant attraction.
Forever romance.
And you'll never look at a grilled cheese sandwich the same way again.

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Need You

The Winters Family Series Book Two

Her brisket chili made him moan…

Big time L.A. chef Alex is looking forward to small-town living.
He's ready for a new beginning at Lexie's café.
The gorgeous blonde who owns the place will play hard-to-get and make him beg for more.

Alyssa won't share her recipes - and definitely not her heart - until the mysterious man with forest-green eyes challenges her.

Alex plans to woo her a little more over a pot of barbecue sauce.
Alyssa is finding it hard to avoid his sexy charm.

Second-chance romance.
Dancing, laughing, living room forts.
And a mac n'cheese pizza… yes, it's a thing.

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You're Mine

The Winters Family Series Book Three

Her sexy stalker plan was working…

Hot bartender Joshua never gives up.
He always knows what he wants.
Now Kenzie's back and he plans to play hard to get.
Until her sexy stalker ways start to get the best of him.

Kenzie has regrets.
A love for bourbon, and a desire to make Joshua her own.

Joshua is finding it difficult to resist Kenzie.
Kenzie is looking forward to the challenge - and maybe a few spankings.

Small town romance.
A taco cook-off.
And boozified banana split cake.

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Let's Dance

The Winters Family Series Book Four

One dance would never be enough…

Sexy firefighter Danny always gets what he wants.
Except a stunning redhead.
Then he's asked to be Shawna's dance partner, and his past will collide with his future.

Shawna is tired of running.
Drinks her wine from a bottle and secretly looks forward to jumping into Danny's arms.

They will share their past.
Dance in the rain.
And enjoy some no-bake booze berry cheesecake.

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Hope's Gift 

The Winters Family Novella Book Five

They say sweets are a way to a man's heart…

Devoted firefighter Greyson has his life figured out.
He loves his family and where he lives.
Then the cutest klutz he has ever met falls at his feet.

Annie is always the bridesmaid, never the bride.
Actually, she's the guest in the back row no one ever notices.
Now her struggle with staying vertical have her falling at the feet of the city's newest firefighter.

Greyson is finding it hard to resist Annie.
Annie is finding it difficult to believe the sexiest man she has ever seen has locked his sights on her.

A sweet Christmas story.
The perfect match.
And hot chocolate peppermint cheesecake… a chocolate lovers dream.

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The Winters Family Series Box Set

Books 1-5

Grab all five books in the series.

Bonus: The box set includes twenty-nine recipes made by the characters.

Book one: Catch Me

Book two: Need You

Book three: You're Mine

Book four: Let's Dance

Book five: Hope's Gift


Romantic Suspense

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Falling Deep Into You

Falling Deep Into You Trilogy Book One

Preslie Summers defines beauty and kindness. But her dark past haunts her, and now she is being hunted.

She takes refuge with Miles, the cop who was assigned to protect her. He is everything she needs, everything she wants, and most importantly he is lethal.

Her attacker lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce but as Miles begins to fall for Preslie, he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Violence and passion abound as Preslie struggles in a fight for her life.

Love Chelle Bliss or Avery Flynn? Then grab book one in this romantic suspense trilogy.

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Take This Pain Away

Falling Deep Into You Trilogy Book Two

After twenty-eight years, Giano Nesta will finally get what he's owed…

...the life of Letizia, whose parents tried to outsmart him.

When Letizia makes an appearance on the national news, her world spins wildly out of control.

The life she thought she had is a lie.

The security she’s felt is stripped away to reveal a frightening new reality: she is the target to Toronto's most infamous mob boss.

Her one hope for survival is Finley, an ambitious cop with the Emergency Task Force. For Finley, work has always come first–until Letizia is captured by the one man Finley is hired to protect her from.

Time is not on their side–especially when Giano Nesta has one goal: shoot to kill.

Fear will throw Letizia into the arms of her protector, but love will keep her there.

If she and Finley survive.

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Rescue This Aching Heart

Falling Deep Into You Trilogy Book Three

Vikki has become the pawn in Giano’s twisted game.

When Ricky finds her left for dead on the side of the road with no memory of her attacker, Toronto’s most infamous mob boss is one step closer to getting what he wants.

A life for a life.

Now Ricky plans to take down the vicious criminal who attempted to kill the woman he loves–only he didn’t expect for his past to collide with his present. 

It’s a race against time, and the task force is prepared to fight.

Get ready for the last chapter in the Falling Deep Into You Trilogy.


Second Chance Romance

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Hannah's Story: A Second Chance

Looking back one last time at the home that used to hold everything she loved, Hannah Blaine turned back toward the road. Her lucky cowboy boots made impressions in the dirt path with each step. After 15 years with the only man she ever loved, it was time to go back home to Louisville. She hoped heading back to where her life began would help ease the pain from that horrific day. Hannah's heart was, and always would be, with her husband. 

Hollis Ackers could care less about women. Hell, he didn't care about anyone. When his mother, the only woman he ever loved, died, he became numb inside. Motorcycles became his life, and the Louisville Biker Group was the perfect stand-in family. 

When miss country-girl-in-her-cute-ass-cowboy-boots spills coffee on him it shouldn't mean a thing. Or will it?

When two people who lost the will to love meet, what will happen? Can new love really heal all the pain?

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