You have the perfect story idea, but you don't know where to write it.

Wait, did I just hear you say, "I'll just use whatever writing tool is easiet?" Um, hold up, don't settle, and definitely don't just pick the easy option. (*whispers* easier is not always better.)

Instead, let me show you my favorite writing tool. Scrivener will make that perfect story idea shine (AND it'll take less than an hour to learn).


An all-in-one tool to plan, plot, and write your story.

Syncs with Dropbox so that you always have a backup file.

Easier for you to organize your story with only one document.

Add notes or ideas right next to your manuscript as you’re writing.

Templates available to write fiction, nonfiction, cookbook, screenplay, or even a research paper.


1. We walk through every step together.

2. We'll keep things simple.

3. You don't need to learn all the buttons in the beginning.

4. We'll look at several ways to organize your story.

5. Everything you need is in one place.

6. It will take less than an hour to learn and start implementing.

AND it is ONLY $47.00!

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How I went from thinking I was not a storyteller to releasing 32 books in six years:  

Have you ever awoke from a dream and thought it would be the perfect story idea? In 2013 it happened to me. I should back up a bit first, though.

In high school, I wrote poems but didn't let anyone read them. Then in eleventh grade, I wrote a children's book but quickly tucked it far away. I didn't think my words were good enough, so what I wrote was just for me. 

Then during my internship after my nutritional science degree, my director told me I was not a good writer. My self-confidence was already low, so her words solidified every one of my emotions.

For the next nine years, the words "You're not a good writer" ran through my mind daily. Even when I started a food blog in 2010, my husband had to check every word I wrote.

Writing a book was the farthest of my mind.

Then that dream happened. You know, the one with the perfect story idea?

I'll never forget the moment my husband said he wanted to know more about my dream. After hearing his words, there was no hesitation; I quickly ran to write the book. 

I wrote 32 books over the next six years.

My husband was the spark I needed to see; I was a storyteller finally. Of course, I fumbled along the way and deleted many words.

Even though I've published several books, I never became a bestselling author. None of my books hit the top ten charts or ranked high on Amazon. None of that matters to me, though.

Here's what mattered: I had found a way to overcome my barrier. For so long, I didn't believe I could write. Then when the spark was ignited inside of me, everything in my life changed.

That's why you'll hear me say ALL THE TIME, "we all have a story to tell, and someone out there needs to read it." Once you let go of what's holding you back and create, magic happens. 

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