Have you:

  • Thought about writing a book but don't know where to start?

  • Started writing a book but now you feel stuck?

  • Finished writing your book but now you have no idea what to do next?

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Okay, you've thought of the perfect story idea. It's a story you know people will love.

Now what?

It's time to plan, plot, write, edit, publish, and promote your story!

WHOA, wait a minute. That feels like a lot of work.

BUT, what if you didn't have to do ALL OF THAT ALONE?

  • Help to create a community.

  • Teach something new.

  • Expand your audience.

  • Build your confidence.

  • Learn a new skill.

  • Give your reader a chance to escape from reality.


How I went from not understanding anything about publishing to releasing 32 books in six years: 

Have you ever awoke from a dream and thought it would be the perfect story idea? In 2013 that happened to me. I should back up a bit first though.

Way back in high school I wrote poems but I didn’t let anyone read them. Then in eleventh grade I wrote a children’s book but quickly tucked it far away. I didn’t think my words were good enough, so what I wrote was just for me. 

Then during my internship after my nutritional science degree, my director told me I was not a good writer. My self-confidence was already low so her words just solidified every single one of my emotions.

For the next nine years the words “You’re not a good writer” ran through my mind on a daily basis. Even when I decided to start a food blog in 2010, my husband had to check every single word I wrote.

Basically, writing a book was the farthest from my mind.

Then that dream happened. You know, the one with the perfect story idea?

I’ll never forget the moment my husband said he wanted to know more about my dream. There was no hesitation after hearing his words; I quickly ran to write the book. 

I wrote 32 books over the next six years.

My husband was the spark I needed to finally write. Of course, I fumbled along the way and deleted many words. Oh, and publishing, that was interesting. I had no idea how to upload to a bookstore or share it on social media. I knew nothing but somehow I found my way.

Even though I’ve published several books, I never became a bestselling author. None of my books hit the top ten charts or ranked high on Amazon. None of that matters to me, though.

Here’s what did matter...I had found a way to move past my barrier. For so long I didn’t believe I could write. Then when the spark was ignited inside me everything in my life changed.

That’s why you’ll hear me say ALL THE TIME, "we all have a story to tell and someone out there needs to read it." Once you let go of what’s holding you back and create, magic happens. 

Can you say yes to any of these?

You want to...

  • Finally share YOUR wonderful story idea.

  • Move past the barriers holding YOU back.

  • Plot a story YOU want.

  • Find joy in writing YOUR story.

  • Create an exciting publishing plan for YOUR book.

  • Learn how to best promote YOUR book.


Your Book Plotting & Planning: Finally make that idea a reality. (Value: $297.00)

A Writer's Perfect Tool Box: We sometimes need more than just our pen, paper, or computer. (Value: $597.00)

Writing Sprints with Our Community: A great way to stay accountable. (Value: $997.00)

Your Editor Resources & Guide: Your book needs more eyes on it before it's published. (Value: $597.00)

Perfectly YOU Publishing Plan: You get to decide what plan works for YOU. (Value: $597.00)

Perfectly YOU Promoting Plan: You get to find what would work best for YOU. (Value: $597.00)

12-Weeks of Video Lessons: Each lesson takes you through every single stage of writing and publishing your book. Then use our community topics for any help you may need. (Value: $3000.00)

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Up To Date Training and Support.

Many new writers feel overwhelmed by how many programs and writing tools there are and it feels like new ones are released every month...but I've got your back. I love learning about the new tools and I'll keep you up-to-date. 

Every single one of the writing tools is valuable and helps to write YOUR story. In Your Story, Your Way we'll look at several different tools already available; then you'll have the chance to choose the program that works best for YOUR story. There should be options when writing our story. We all have different likes, dislikes, and needs.

Your Story, Your Way Delivered?

Foundational Training Videos inside our private community: Once you sign up, you will have access to all the training videos, templates, and worksheets. Plus, in the community you can ask questions and get one-on-one help within the group with YOUR story.

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Q: What exactly do you get with the program?

A: You get a lot actually. You ready? When you sign up, you'll get a 12-Week program that takes you all the way back to the beginning. We'll plan, plot, write, publish, and promote your book TOGETHER. You'll also get additional training videos to help with all the tools and resources available.

Q: Is this course for fiction or non-fiction books?

A: This course is for EVERYONE! My goal is to help you start the process to share your story. It's a place where you'll have a chance to move past any of your barriers and then go through all the stages of writing in a community setting. Writing a book should be fun!
As a bonus, we will have power partners out in the field that specialize in different areas of publishing who will share their expertise with YOU.

Q: What will I get after I finish the 12-week program?

A: You'll have a finished book! Seriously. If you follow through and watch all the videos, you will have a chance to see all the stages of publishing. Plus, you will also see all the different options out there when publishing your story. All the tools are valuable and they are available for a reason.

Q: Can I publish more than one book with the course?

A: Here's the thing, you get lifetime access to the program. So absolutely, if you want to use the videos to help you publish a second book- DO IT! Plus, It's the perfect way to stay accountable and build on your new writing habit.

Q: Are the lessons live or recoreded?

A: The program launched in April 2021. If you joined in the beginning, you could see the videos being recorded live weekly. Once the full program was created, each video was added to the course section and available on replay.
NOTE: We will have live videos with additional lessons and even interviews with power partners. I want to ensure the content in this program stays up-to-date. We know things are always ever-evolving and we need to keep up with all the changes.

Q: How will I access the recorded videos?

A: Once you have access to the course, you'll see all the videos available on the left side of the screen. There is also a category tab that lists all the videos available. There are videos, templates, and documents available to view.

Q: What if I fall behind?

A: That's okay. There is no time limit with the course. You move at your own pace and make the process work for YOU!
Plus, that's why having lifetime access is so powerful!

Q: Is there a payment plan for the course?

A: There is!
We know not everyone has $997.00 upfront. That's why we created a payment plan of $197.00 a month for six months.

Q: How does the course compare to your Membership?

A: The biggest difference, with the membership we write live together weekly on Zoom. Plus, we have live Zoom calls for a Q&A session twice a month. Also, you get me on a more personal level in the membership.
The course is more DIY, but we would meet once a month live on Zoom to write together. Plus, I would be available via the community to answer any of your questions.

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  • Your book plotting & planning.
  • A writer's perfect toolbox.
  • Writing sprints with our community.
  • Your editor resources and guide.
  • Perfectly YOU publishing plan.
  • Perfectly YOU promoting plan.
  • 12-weeks of video calls.
  • Access to our private community.
  • Live Zoom writing session once a month.
  • Pay in full and save $197.00.

6 month Payment Plan


  • Your book plotting & planning.
  • A writer's perfect toolbox.
  • Writing sprints with our community.
  • Your editor resources and guide.
  • Perfectly YOU publishing plan.
  • Perfectly YOU promoting plan.
  • 12-weeks of video calls.
  • Access to our private community.
  • Live Zoom writing session once a month.
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