Free Yourself From The Fear You Have To Niche Down

Have you been told…

  • You need to niche-down
  • Find your target audience 
  • Be specific about who you’re talking to

OR, have you been told you need to focus on one thing? 

  • You can’t be all things. 
  • You need to get specific because it’s easier to grow your business or blog.

*whispers* what if you didn’t have to do one thing? What if you could be all of the things?

If I made you curious then keep reading

Free Yourself From The Fear You Have To Niche Down blog on

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

When I was 13 years old, I took a trip to New York City, and from that point on I wanted to be a disc jockey in New York. 

That dream lead me to want to do more with broadcasting, and my first degree is a broadcasting degree.

Oh, and I did work as a disc jockey for several years, but not in New York.

Then, after meeting my husband and moving to Tucson, Arizona, I fell in love with caring for animals. Worked as a veterinary technician for several years.

Life happens, though, and my love transitioned a bit. I went into dietetics, and that ended up being my second degree. Out of college, with my degree, I discovered food safety and quality assurance and did that for a long time.

When we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, I learned about food blogging and loved creating new recipes.

At some point, my back crapped out on me, and I had to leave the food safety job, but I was still food blogging.

While I was laid up with my crappy back, I found a new passion…

Writing romance.

Oh, and I own a digital media company with my husband, I love to crochet, garden, and care for my cat and bunnies.

Did you follow all that?

I’m not one thing. I love all those things.

Asking me to niche down and share writing romance or how to be a writer is almost impossible because I’m not just a romance writer.

I’m a writer, blogger, recipe developer, gardener, crocheter, food safety, nutrition expert, digital media lover, and caregiver for my cat and bunnies.

One day, I could be writing my latest romance book.

The next day, I could create a new recipe for the blog.

Two days later, I could be sowing seeds and preparing my garden.

Three days later, I may have an animal I crocheted, and I want to share it.

AND, every day, I work on the digital media company with my husband and care for my animals.

Free Yourself From The Fear You Have To Niche Down blog on

Do you feel limited when someone tells you to niche down?

Do you struggle to talk about one thing because you are more and have more to give?

Then be you. Do you.

Let your audience know who you are and what you love.

The truth is the people who want to be a part of your world and see all you do will come. Those overwhelmed by how much you have to offer are probably not your people.

And that’s okay!

Can I be honest with you?

Writing this blog was a long time coming.

True story: In 2019, I was having fun publishing my romance books and doing okay with book sales. Like any human in life, I wanted more, though. So I signed up for what I thought was a good book coaching program. 

Spoiler alert: It was not a good program for me, but that part is not important for this blog.

Here’s a RED FLAG alert…

On the second or third call with the book coach, I shared how I create recipes and write romance. What she said next put me down a horrible and unstable rabbit hole.

She told me, “No one cares about your recipes. They just want your books.”

So, I paused my food blog and focused on writing.

What I learned from that unsteady rabbit hole…

  • My readers wanted my recipes AND my books.

It’s probably important to note my romance books include recipes made by the characters in the back of the books. The characters talk about food throughout the stories.

I had brought both my worlds into one space. Yet, this book coach told me not to talk about the food, only the romance books.

The point was–She wanted me to focus on my target audience. Basically, I needed to niche down, and this was the best way to attempt that process.

Free Yourself From The Fear You Have To Niche Down blog on

NOTE: Stop Limiting Yourself and Who You Are!

Run away fast if someone tells you to stop doing one of your passions. They are not helping you. I know because it messed me up for a few years, and I don’t want that for you.

Okay, let’s skip to the good part.

In the good part, I still have moments of fear sharing all my passions in one space.

The truth is, sharing all of me helps strengthen each passion.

Let me explain…

I’m a better writer when I can include my passion for creating recipes. My characters have so much fun thinking of new and exciting recipes. It’s easier to write the stories when I’m all of me.

Or crocheting is my way to calm and relax after looking at my phone or creating on the computer. It also allows me to think about new stories or delicious recipes.

The garden and bunnies help me grow so many delicious veggies and herbs. Those goodies can then be included in my recipes. Or, or, those garden experiences can help make a story shine because I’m sharing real-life experiences.

I could keep going, but you probably see my point and why I want you to stop thinking you have to niche down.

Your passions are the driving force in all you create. They lead you to the next thing, the next thing, and so on. Each passion is a part of you for a reason. 

So don’t let yourself feel limited.

Free Yourself From The Fear You Have To Niche Down blog on

Let’s think about this another way…

If you’re a coach who teaches…

  • Social media
  • Writing
  • Lettering
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • Blogging
  • Building your brand
  • Becoming an entrepreneur
  • (the list is endless)

You will still share your story, how you got started, what drives you to do the thing, or how you felt inspired to create the thing.

Your passions will still play a role in all you do. They appear in every part of your life.

Oh, and the people who love the things you create may love ALL the other things you do.

I attempted to niche down but quickly discovered my audience loved romance books, recipes, crafting, and animals. Crazy, I know.

So let go of this imaginary rule about how we should niche down. 

Instead, just be you. Do what brings you joy every single day.

What are your passions? Do you have more than one?

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I have so many things of which I am passionate. I love growing plants, baking breads, drawing in charcoals,& pencils, painting on canvas, crocheting, knitting. I love all types of animals. Right now I have a Guinea pig, a chocolate Labrador, my laying hens,& an aquarium. I also can &, dehydrate meats, and all the produce that I grow. Plus I am a terrible housekeeper, a loving Mom, Grammy & GiGi (great grandma).

Joan Laufnick

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