Homemade Herbed Hamburger Buns

If you are like me and have held off making hamburger buns for years; you need to grab some yeast and quickly try this recipe.

Seriously, I can’t believe I waited this long to make homemade hamburger buns. Nothing is better than homemade. Especially this recipe.

They will take a little time to make but you will be so happy you went for it.

Do you need more convincing?

Homemade Herbed Hamburger Buns (Recipe on Ream)

“What’s this?” Jackson from Guard My Heart (Crystal Shores Book Two) stepped up behind Anika and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Do you ever take a day off from making bread?”

She lifted her arms and carefully turned to face him. “Well–” then she wrapped her flour and dough filled hands around his neck– “since you’re making burgers, I figured we needed some homemade hamburger buns.”

Jackson pulled her closer. “Because store bought is blasphemy?”

Anika burst out laughing and playfully pushed his body away. “No. Well, maybe, but still no.” She clapped her hands together a couple times before pushing her palms into the soft, sticky dough. “We had some at the bakery, but I didn’t feel like going and grabbing them from freezer.”

“Freezer?” He made sure to stay close and leaned his body against the counter. “You serve dough that has been frozen?” His eyes were wide like he was in shock, but you could see him fighting back a smile.

“Oh, hush.” Anika bumped her hip against his. “I have customers who ask for products to be frozen. I actually sell large quantities of bread that are frozen.”

“I love how I keep learning something new about you.” Jackson leaned to the side and kissed her temple. Then Anika turned her head asking for another kiss. He straightened, inhaled, and stepped away from the counter. “Okay, burgers. On it.”

“Yeah, stop trying to start something. I’m hungry, mister.” She flung some flour at him and placed the dough in an oiled bowl to proof.

Homemade Herbed Hamburger Buns (Recipe on Ream)

Did we convince you?

It’s funny, I didn’t plan to fall in love with homemade hamburger buns, but it happened. Several years ago, when I first had my blog, I had on my food bucket list to make homemade hamburger buns. I’m not sure if fear stopped me. I can honestly say I was nervous because I thought they would be really hard to make.

Confession: They are NOT hard to make.

They do take time but that’s a bonus. Then you can enjoy more time in the kitchen relaxing and doing what you love: baking. I realized with all the steps, having a video would be super helpful. Since making the video I have updated some of my methods when making bread, you can still check out the video if you need a visual to help you with the bun making process. Watch the YouTube video here.

Now go have fun making your own hamburger buns!

Homemade Herbed Hamburger Buns (Recipe on Ream)

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