Cherry Almond Marzipan Cake

First, we had to find out what marzipan included. Then we had to make something with the delicious treat.

But what?

Trying to decide on a recipe involved searching blogs and looking at several delicious ideas. 

Then my eyes fell on this recipe. When I mentioned it to hubby, he immediately said, "Well, there's your winner."

Um, it seriously is a winner, too.

Here's what happened next, I wanted to figure out how to make the recipe my own. Plus, I needed to adjust the ingredients so they were in the imperial system.

Come on, let's make some cake.

Cherry Almond Marzipan Cake Recipe Blog Post by Author Terra Kelly


Alyssa in Find My Heart (The Winters Family Book Two) just got really excited. She loves when Aunt Anna, her amazing pastry chef at Lexi's Cafe has new recipe ideas.

Just the other day, Aunt Anna had brought in some marzipan petit fours she found when shopping. She made Alyssa try them and then she started rattling off ideas for recipes they could offer at the cafe.

It took them a day to decide on a recipe, and then another day to create the delicious treat.Oh, and they had to make sure their very special taste tester approved the recipe before sharing it with the customers.

Sweet little Lexi immediately started jumping around, which basically means the recipe was a winner.

The long lines at the cafe and the fact that they sold out in less than hour was also another indication the recipe was a hit at the cafe.

Cherry Almond Marzipan Cake Recipe Blog Post by Author Terra Kelly


 Okay, here's the thing, I don't voice these words often enough. Let's do it now, though. This recipe is really damn good. Like, it's probably one of my top five favorite recipes, it's that good.

The best way I found to describe the recipe, you get lots of cherry and almond flavors, but it's mildly sweet.

That was probably what put the cake recipe over the top for me, it was not super sweet, and yet, packed full of flavor.

The original recipe was in the metric system, so I had to pull out my scale and start adjusting everything so my version could be in the imperial system. Doing this process did adjust the ingredient amounts but only slightly.

When I first started out, I grabbed a bundt pan. Then I quickly realized it was not a big cake and the bundt pan was way too big for this recipe.

All you need is a simple 8-inch round cake pan.

Oh, and trust me, you're going to be so happy you decided to make this recipe. It's that good! 

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 Cherry Almond Marzipan Cake Recipe Blog Post by Author Terra Kelly

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