Keto Friendly Apple Stromboli

Are you ready for a fun, and easy dessert?

It may not be apple season but honestly, this recipe could be made year-round.

First, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. Yes, there is cheese in the dough and yes, this is a dessert. If you are not on the Keto diet or you don’t need to be gluten-free, you’ll still love this recipe, Trust me.

Keto Friendly Apple Stromboli Blog by Terra Kelly

For this recipe, I had to channel a few sexy apple farmers. AND when I say apple farmers, I actually mean–My Apple Farmer (Man Card Book 8), Mr. Apple Pie (Man Card Book 9), Her Apple Delight (Man Card Book10), The Apple of My Eye (Man Card Book 11), and My Candy Apple (Man Card Book 12).

Fried apple pie is Jesse’s (from Mr. Apple Pie) specialty but switching things up and making this treat low-carb literally has Hannah’s heart.

Actually, the apple farm had a customer recently who was curious about their low carb options. Since the farm didn’t have any, they created one.

Keto Friendly Apple Stromboli Blog by Terra Kelly

Are you wondering why I’m making a Keto recipe? Well, my hubby and I try to follow a more low-carb and keto-friendly diet.

When I brought back the food blog a few years ago I was excited to share some special recipes. I know my books share recipes full of sugar and carbs … BUT sometimes we sprinkle in a few gluten-free recipes.

For this recipe, you could easily switch apples for pears or even peaches. Use your favorite fruit and enjoy!

If you are not Keto or you are not gluten-free, then you can switch out the sugar substitute for regular white sugar. There’s always a way to tailor a recipe to your palette. Maybe even use pie dough or puff pastry.

Have fun making it your own!

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Keto Friendly Apple Stromboli Blog by Terra Kelly

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