Catch Me 1

Welcome to the Winters Family Series, a sweet and sexy contemporary romance where family comes first, romance is all around, and plates will be filled with many delicious meals.

We can’t determine when we fall in love, or who we will fall in love with. There is no magic eight ball to tell us the answer. You just let two completely different souls intertwine, and let the magic happen all on its own.

Drew Winters is a sexy firefighter, and middle brother in the Winters family. With all his good looks and charm, he tends to attract self-absorbed-too-much-make-up type of women. He grew up in Wilmington, NC, and has lived in a little cottage by the beach for over four years. The morning he notices his new neighbor by the window in the cottage next-door, where only a shimmering curtain separates them- everything will change.

Isabel Sloane grew up in Philadelphia, PA, but decided it was time for a change of scenery. She has worked as a television reporter for several years, and recently took a job in Wilmington. She is a gorgeous plus-size woman, who tends to be judged because of her size. Her last boyfriend just liked having a companion for events or dates, otherwise he never noticed her. Now, she plans to put men on the back-burner, work towards becoming an anchor, and cook up all her favorite recipes. Then she notices Mr. Blue-Eyes next-door going out for a morning run…

In the end, will Drew be ready to catch Isabel? Will Isabel be ready for that happily ever after?

There are recipes made by Isabel included in the back of the book.

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